Harmony Day – Tuesday 21 March 2023

Harmony Day is celebrated annually on March 21st and is a day where, at Craigburn, we embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, inclusivity, and respect for all.

This year’s theme, ‘Everyone Belongs,’ highlights the importance of creating a sense of belonging for everyone, regardless of their cultural or ethnic background.

Throughout the week students at Craigburn Primary School will be involved in various activities to gain an understanding of different cultures and ways of life, and seeing how we can all fit together. Watch out for the transformation of the school’s front fence that will highlight our commitment to embracing cultural diversity and promoting inclusiveness.

To celebrate our community’s cultural diversity, students and staff are invited to either dress up in orange or come to school dressed in their family’s national attire / costume on Tuesday 21st March.

Last year, we began compiling a cookbook of recipes to highlight the cultural diversity of Craigburn Primary School. We again would like to complete this task and invite families to contribute one recipe, per family that celebrates your cultural background. Please include the origin/country of the recipe, with a brief description outlining the significance of the dish or any relevant details. A selection of the recipes will be collated and transformed by into a digital book to share with the community. If you are interested in contributing, could you please send a digital copy or photograph of the recipe to the front office.


Nicky Taylor
Deputy Principal