The Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Week 5 – 2023

Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Week 5

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend with your family and friends and managed to stay warm.

This years theme for National Reconciliation Week is ‘Be a Voice for Generations.’ The theme encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in tangible ways in our everyday lives – where we live, work and socialise.

With Reconciliation Week here we had the pleasure of Jodus Madrid, of Bundjalung and Gamilaroi country, attending our Staff meeting as a guest speaker. The staff appreciated the opportunity to enhance our cultural capacity development and engage in active dialogue with Jodus. We were inspired by the knowledge Jodus shared with us. 

We  extend our appreciation to Jodus Madrid and all individuals who promote and preserve the knowledge, traditions, and well-being of the Aboriginal peoples.

We look forward to continuing these conversations and workshopping with Jodus about how to apply Aboriginal Perspectives into our curriculum. Engaging with Aboriginal voices and perspectives can provide valuable insights and foster a deeper understanding of Aboriginal cultures, histories, and experiences. 

Jodus has also kindly offered his time to attend our Reconciliation Assembly @ 11.30pm June 2.

Take care and have a great week,



On Tuesday our Sustainability Leaders participated in our first Youth Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) workshop at Belair National Park. We look forward to reading more about their experience in their next post

Autism Inclusion

Spoon Theory is a metaphor that is helpful in understanding the lived experiences of people with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

Using Spoon Theory to Understand Your Child  will give you some insight into understanding all children


Many neighbouring schools are experiencing an increase in students and staff illnesses. 

It is important to keep your child at home if they are showing flu-like symptoms. Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory illness that can spread easily from person to person. By keeping your child home when they are unwell, you can help prevent the spread of the virus to other children and staff members at their school or daycare.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep your child home if they have flu symptoms:

  1. Containment of the virus: The flu can spread quickly, especially in crowded environments like schools and daycare centres. By keeping your child home, you can help prevent the virus from spreading to other children, teachers, and staff members.
  2. Rest and recovery: Flu symptoms can be uncomfortable and may include fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, body aches, and congestion. Allowing your child to rest at home will aid in their recovery and help them get back to their normal health sooner.
  3. Preventing further complications: In some cases, the flu can lead to complications, particularly in young children or individuals with weakened immune systems. By keeping your child home and providing proper care, you can reduce the risk of complications and ensure their well-being.

If your child is displaying flu-like symptoms, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on managing their illness and when it’s appropriate for them to return to school.

Staffing Update

Judy Beal, our Science teacher, has been offered an exciting opportunity to embark on a new journey.  Judy has accepted a leadership position at Prospect North, where she will undoubtedly bring her passion, dedication, and expertise to inspire a new group of students.

During Judy’s time at Craigburn, she has been an exceptional educator, leaving an impact on our students. 

As Judy embarks on this new chapter, we want to express our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for the invaluable contributions she has made.

From Judy

I have appreciated the incredible opportunity to stretch and challenge the terrific thinkers and dynamic learners at Craigburn. Having students thank you (genuinely) for your work has been a positive and heartwarming experience – and their joy in discovery has enlivened the Science and Technology learning space and experience. 

While I am sad to be saying goodbye to the Craigburn community I am optimistic that I have had some impact on igniting passions for Science and grounding understandings of Technologies that will have a lasting effect. 

In looking for work that continues to challenge my own learning and thinking, this next chapter promises to bring rewards through hard work and innovative thinking with one of my passions – creativity through and with young learners, listening to and amplifying their voices. 

Wishing continued success toward positive futures for all those in the wonderful Craigburn Community. 

Judy Beal

School Sport Update 

School Basketball

Both Year 3 and Year 5 Craigburn teams continue to enjoy their basketball.  Thanks to the coaches and parents involved!  Basketball is played year round so it’s not too late to register, or provide expression of interest for any players Y3 +.   Please contact Basketball Coordinator, Kris Watts, for registration details at email address

Basketball Coordinator – Kris Watts

School Netball

Last weekend Craigburn’s Year 2/3 played their first ever game of netball and put up a great effort despite the pouring rain! 

Chantelle’s Year 3/4 team played away at Happy Valley and although many of the players are brand new to netball, they have continued to have fun, work as a team and in doing so, have shown a huge improvement in their skill set.

Shelley’s Year 3/4 won their home game against Highgate and showed awesome team spirit, using plenty of voices to encourage each other on the court.

The Year 5/6 team also played at home and had their first win in a great team game with Lilly scoring an impressive 11 goals out of 17!

Netball Coordinator – Liann Delgado

School Sport SA Knockout Competition

The date has been set for Thursday the June 8 to be held at Morphettville Park FC. More details to follow for those involved.

School Soccer

It was a great weekend for our first soccer games. All the children had fun and enjoyed playing in their new teams. Congratulations to all players and teams for representing our school with pride.

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Yearly  Planner – Dates to Note

Please save the dates for the following events:

Term 2

  • Reconciliation Week – Monday 29 May
  • Reconciliation Week Assembly 11.30  Friday June 2
  • Monarch’s Official Birthday – Public Holiday – Monday June 12
  • End of Term – Friday 7 July – Early Dismissal

Term 3 

  • School Photos – Tuesday 15 August
  • Book Week Parade – Friday 25 August
  • Father’s Day Stall – Wednesday 30 August
  • Father’s Day Breakfast – Thursday 31 August
  • Student Free Day – Friday 1 September
  • School Closure Day – Monday 4 September
  • Premier’s Challenges End – Friday 8 September
  • RUOK Day – Thursday 14 September
  • End of Term – Friday 29 September – Early Dismissal

Term 4

  • World Teachers Day – Friday 27 October
  • Melbourne Cup Day – Tuesday 7 November
  • Remembrance Day – School – Friday 10 November
  • Reception Transition 1 – Wednesday 15 November
  • Reception Transition 2 – Wednesday 22 November
  • Student Free Day – Friday 17 November
  • Reception Transition 3 – Wednesday 29 November
  • Craigburn’s Got Talent – Tuesday 5 December
  • Celebration Night – Monday 11 December
  • Year 6 Graduation – Wednesday 13 December