The Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Week 6 – 2023

Weekly Wrap 2023 – Term 2 Week 6

Welcome back Paul, we hope you had a relaxing holiday and a well deserved break. Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead.

Stay warm,


Reconciliation Week 

Thank you to Janine McKay and our Student Representative Executive Leaders who led our Reconciliation Week Assembly that inspired many of us. The assembly focussed on our local Kaurna culture whilst acknowledging other language groups and Nations. 

Our Year 6 choir and Miss Pip’s Year 1 students, told the story about the Gurindji people’s struggle for land rights through the song ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’. 

Jodus Madrid shared with us some of his stories and connection to the country as well as what we can all do towards achieving reconciliation in our local community.

Craigburn Primary School believes that reconciliation is the responsibility of everyone. With this philosophy, students and staff worked tirelessly to create an Aboriginal inspired collaborative artwork. Students and staff used their knowledge of Aboriginal symbols and designs to decorate their own unique leaves. The 450 individual leaves were then assembled together to create wreaths, which signified everyone working together as one to achieve a common goal.

Students shared their week’s classroom learning in a video presentation which displayed new knowledge and learning of Aboriginal histories, cultures and traditions.

Craigburn Primary School believes that reconciliation is an ongoing journey. It isn’t just one week in a year.  Building positive, respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians is a part of everyone’s life, every day of the year. 

Reading Spotlight

Your child may be coming home talking about repeated reading. This is an evidence informed practice to develop fluent reading. The process occurs over a week, hence the term ‘repeated’. Year 2-6 classes have begun implementing this into daily literacy routines.

On the first day the teacher selects three difficult to read words from a challenging year level text. The teacher models the syllables and sounds for each word as well as the correct reading of each word. 

Students repeat the teacher’s correct representations. Next the teacher introduces three words from the text that will expand students’ vocabularies. The teacher provides synonyms, definitions, examples and non-examples. Students practise putting the vocabulary into sentences of their own creation. 

Following this, the teacher models reading the text accurately, smoothly, expressively and with good pace. Then the class reads the text together in a process known as ‘choral reading’. After this, students read the text to a partner for one minute and mark how many words they were able to read.

Over the week, students continue to review the difficult words, develop comprehension questions and answers and continue to partner read, tracking fluency growth along the way.

If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Hamden or Veronica Khalaf, Reading Coaches.

Choir Update

Last week the Craigburn Choir had their assessment with Robyn, one of the Festival of Music conductors. Every year, each school choir is assessed on a number of factors, including lyric knowledge, part singing, pitch and rhythm accuracy and expression.  

I’m very pleased to say that the choir performed wonderfully and received a B+ grade. 

The students should be proud of the effort they put in, not only for the assessment, but in the weeks leading up to it. 

The Festival of Music will take place in September this year. 

Jimmy Marin 

School Sport Update 

School Basketball – Term 2

We made a call out during the week for extra Year 3 players, and were very thankful and pleased with the response!  We are looking to move Y3 training to Monday lunchtimes but are in need of a parent helper (with WWC clearance) to assist.  Sally-Ann continues to coach the team on a Tuesday afternoon and we thank her for filling this role for Craigburn Blue!

The Craigburn Chipmunks (Y5) are having lots of fun playing Friday nights and we thank their coach Adam for a great job leading this team!

Please contact Kris Watts Basketball Co-ordinator with any expression of interest or questions about our Craigburn Basketball program.

Sally-Ann (team coach) is looking to move training to Monday lunchtimes, in the school gym, combining training with the Y5 team (Craigburn Chipmunks), to make it easier for the kids to attend, and parents.  

But, Sally-Ann can’t get to training at this time, so we are calling out for Y3 parent help with training – running drills, practise games, etc.  Adam (included in this email), the Y5 coach, will be happy to support anyone able to put their hand up. Lunch playtime starts at 1pm until 1:30pm

You will need to have all the volunteering requirements, I promise it’s quick and easy to complete if you haven’t already!  Please contact Sam or Bron (included in this email) if unsure of requirements, or want to check yours are up to date.

Please let us know if you can help out.  Training is a great opportunity for the team to bond and have some fun together, as well as learn some skills and rules about the game in the lead up to matches.

Thank you,


Basketball Coordinator – Kris Watts

School Netball

Year 2/3 Team:

Last weekend the Year 2/3 team played away at Braeview Primary School. The team put up another great effort and showed lots of improvement across the court.

Chantelle’s Year 3/4 Team:

Last weekend Chantelle’s Year 3/4 team played away at Colonel Light Gardens Primary. They showed a huge improvement in skills and worked well together. Their reward was scoring their first 3 goals!

Shelley’s Year 3/4 Team:

A very competitive game on the weekend saw us have our first loss, 7 to 9. Belair did a great job in defence, but our girls never gave up and are getting much better at playing in front. Looking forward to our last game of grading against Mitcham this weekend.

Year 5/6 Team:

Year 5/6 experienced their first wet game of the season. The first quarter it rained hard, everyone was very wet and cold. It was an even game until the last quarter. Unfortunately we lost but it was a fun game.

Netball Coordinator – Liann Delgado

Soccer Update

If you have paid and would like to be placed in a team, please ensure a registration form has been filled out and given to the school.

A wonderful sunny morning for soccer on Saturday for our first games at home.


Craigburn vs. Colonel Light Gardens

A great team effort by all children who demonstrated support for one another on and off the pitch, while both goalkeepers stopped some rockets. 

Craigburn ended with a strong win for the first game at home. 


Craigburn vs. Warradale

A positive attitude and team spirit were evident throughout the game. 

All children passed to one another and demonstrated the attributes that form a cohesive team.

A celebrated team win for Craigburn.  


Craigburn vs. Unley

All children showed what it means to be part of a team with everyone working together on the pitch and supporting each other from the sidelines.

This led to a close game, resulting from the joint effort demonstrated by the seniors.

Well done to all teams for upholding Craigburn values.

Looking forward to another round of soccer next weekend!

Soccer Coordinator – Tara Bell

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