Donations needed: Second-hand Costume Stall


Second-hand Costume Pop-up Shop

Where: The school library
When: Week 3, Thursday 17th August from 3:00pm – 3:30pm

An assortment of book character clothes and accessories will be available all priced under $5.00

Funds raised will be used by our environment team for ongoing projects in our school garden.

Donations needed

🌱 Help us make Book Week 2023 Second-hand Costume Stall a success!

This year’s theme is ‘Read Grow Inspire’, our Second-hand Costume Stall for Book Week is on again!

If you have costumes, props & accessories gathering dust, let’s give them a chance to be recycled and repurposed into new costumes for someone else. Clean and good-quality items like hats, capes, wands and more are welcome.

Please drop off donations in the library’s labelled bin.

The funds raised will support ongoing projects in our school garden. Let’s save the environment by giving these items a new life. Join us, grab a bargain, and get ready for an amazing Book Week! 🎉📖

(Book week is in week 5 next term, 19-25 th August)

What can you donate?
If it’s good enough quality to give to a friend, then it’s good enough to donate. We can accept:

  • Costumes and accessories in clean and good condition
  • Hats, belts, shoes, ties, gloves, modern style clothing, and fabric
  • Small props & accessories – binoculars, magnifying glasses, walking sticks, stethoscope, handbags, wigs
  • Useful theatrical and/or historical style costumes e.g. Sherlock Holmes cape, medieval dress tunic, military jacket
  • Authentic world dress, traditional or modern
  • Animal costumes

What we can’t accept

  • Damaged or stained clothing / items
  • Worn swimwear/leotards
  • Toy weapons
  • Very Large Props

If you can make a donation, please make sure items are in a bag and size labelled.

The donation bin is in the library

Saving Landfill
Every item donated contributes to a healthier future for everyone by saving over 3.2 million items from landfill each year. Annually Australian’s acquire an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing per person, and discard around 23 kilograms of clothing to landfill each year.

If you are able to help out at the stall, please let the front office know as we will need help setting up, selling and packing away.

Come and grab a bargain and prepare early for Book Week!