Cultivating Gratitude – Donation Baskets

Cultivating Gratitude, a positive emotion that involves being thankful and appreciative, has been a focus at Craigburn this year.

Gratitude is a mindset that can transform our perspective and enhance our well-being.  Practising gratitude regularly can improve mental health, increase resilience, strengthen relationships, and foster a positive school climate in which everyone feels valued and supported.

Our students have truly embraced our school’s gratitude focus by organising a meaningful initiative which involves returning kindness to our local community by supporting those currently facing hardship.

Their idea, raised and discussed at our recent SRC meeting, is to create a donation box for non-perishable food and toiletries, demonstrating their deep empathy and commitment to assisting community members in need.

Starting next week (Monday 3 July), we will have a designated donation basket placed in the front office. This basket will serve as a central collection point for non-perishable food items and essential toiletries. The aim is to create an ongoing resource that can be shared with those in need within our local community.

We invite all able members of our school community to support this meaningful initiative. The success of this gratitude project depends on the collective efforts of our school community. By coming together and supporting one another, we can demonstrate the power of unity and compassion.

Let’s show our students that their idea has ignited a spark of kindness that will continue to burn brightly. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in our local community and continue to cultivate gratitude throughout our school.

Thank you

Janine McKay (Student Wellbeing Leader) on behalf of Craigburn PS students.