Volunteering in the Canteen

Thank you to our wonderful Canteen volunteers.

A big thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends who volunteer in the Canteen.

On Friday we had parents, Tammy and Julie, helping Sue in the Canteen.  They explained that there were lots of great things about volunteering:

  • A good way to meet other parents and make friends
  • Allows you to role model volunteering to your children
  • Get to know the school community
  • Very rewarding, a great sense of community
  • The excitement and joy on your kid’s faces when they see you on duty in the canteen at recess, and bring all their friends to meet you. It’s also a good way to get become familiar with your child’s friends, and them to get to know you
  • A good way for children to meet adults in a safe environment and become confident talking to adults
  • Children get to know adults who volunteer regularly and treat you like a celebrity if they see you at pick-up or drop-off!

We are always looking for more volunteers, please call in and see Sue or talk to Sam in reception if you are interested. Even 30 minutes sorting out orders in the morning is helpful, you don’t have to be able to stay all morning.