Canteen News

Cashless coins! – Do you always find it hard to find a dollar coin to give to your child for canteen? We are now introducing a ‘cashless Canteen coin’ that you can purchase through QKR. Buy a canteen $1 coin on QKR, and your child can go to the Canteen at recess or lunch, and spend the virtual money. Available in denominations of $1, cashless canteen coins must be used on the day of purchase, and no change is available.

Cold rolls and sushi – Don’t forget we have delicious cold rolls and sushi available on Tuesdays. These can be ordered up to a week in advance, with last orders at 3pm on Mondays. If your child comes home asking about them on Tuesdays, why not put an order in now ready for next week?

Half-a-cookie – Our delicious cookies cost $1, if they are too big for the younger children you can buy a half-cookie for 50c.

Big thanks to Gemma for volunteering in the Canteen on Friday, we could not operate without volunteers, especially on Fridays.