The Weekly Wrap – Term 4 Week 3 – 2023

Last Week – Well Done and Thanks !!!

Mayor’s Garden Competition

Well done to our student environment leaders who hosted a special visit on Monday from the City of Onkaparinga Mayor, Mrs Moira Were who, along with other Council representatives, judged our school garden as part of the Mayor’s Garden Competition. Thank you also to our wonderful garden educator Emily for her leadership of our students.

Sapsasa Cricket

Well done to our Sapsasa cricketers who came so close to progressing to the semifinal rounds of the  Year 5/6 boys T20 Sapsasa knockout competition. The boys lost narrowly by 3 runs to a determined Encounter Lutheran team from Victor Harbor. We are proud of your efforts and how well you played as a team throughout the competition. A big thank you to Scott Argent, Mark Lemmey and supporting families.


Year 2 Excursion to the Botanical Gardens

Our Year 2 students recently embarked on an exciting educational excursion to the Botanical Gardens as part of a fantastic program that offers hands-on experiences in a captivating outdoor learning environment. The day was filled with exploration, wonder, and healthy living, and our students truly excelled in their participation.

On the day, the children undertook a variety of activities that encouraged play and exploration. One of the highlights was the visit to the Kitchen Garden, where students were introduced to the benefits of growing fresh, healthy produce, instilling the importance of healthy habits from a young age. 

Congratulations and well done to our Year 2 students who displayed exemplary behaviour and engagement throughout the day. We extend our gratitude to our Year 2 teachers and volunteer parents who accompanied our students ensuring their safety, learning and enjoyment on the excursion.

World Teachers Day Thanks

Thank you to students and families who acknowledged our teachers last Friday as part of celebrating World Teachers Day. Messages and small tokens of appreciation were gratefully received. Thank you.

Reminder  – School Run4Fun Colour Splatacular – This Friday

The School ‘’Run4Fun Colour Splatacular’  is this coming Friday, November 3 from 1:30 pm to 3.00pm on the oval.

Parents, carers and family members  are welcome to come and watch our fun! A schedule is attached below for your information.


12:00 – 12.30pm – Early Lunch

1.00 – 1.30pm – Year 5 / 6 classes

1.40 – 2.10pm – Year 2 / 3 / 4 classes

2.20 – 2.50pm – Reception to Year 1 classes

3.10pm – Normal School Dismissal – unless parent/carer signs child out earlier

Parent Helpers Wanted

The afternoon will be run by our parent helpers, teachers, leaders and student leaders.

We need more parents to help out on the day squirting coloured powder and slime on our students and staff.

If you can help out, please let us know asap via the attached link, inform your child’s class teacher/s, phone 82704144 or school email.

What should students wear?

A white T-shirt is best for a colour run. Old shorts, socks, and closed in shoes are also a good idea as they may get colour powder and slime on them as well. Bathers or other tops can be worn under the white T shirt if preferred. Students can come to school dressed in their running gear, ready to go. An old towel and change of clothes may also be worth bringing on the day.

The Coromandel Valley CFS volunteers will also be attending with one of their trucks in one area of the run so students may choose (they can dodge this section) to get wet as they run the course. Water is important to help set the colour on the shirts. 

Students are not expected to have their school hat on during the run however, students can wear an old hat if they choose. We encourage students to bring their own sunscreen protection to apply on the day.

To preserve the colour on your COLOUR RUN t-shirt after the event, try soaking it in a mixture of water, salt, and vinegar. This helps the colour lock into the cotton and prevents the colour running.

Is it too late to start or continue to fundraise?

Definitely not! Fundraising can take place right up until our Run4Fun day. Please revisit our earlier post for details on how to create a fundraising profile. Please contact the front office if you need support. At the end of our fundraiser, students’ incentive prizes are ordered automatically based on their fundraising total. Students can earn up to 15 unique incentive prizes!

Please note: all cash donations must be converted to online donations before November 3, 2023. We cannot accept any cash donations for this fundraiser. 

A big thank you to students and families for taking time to support our big fundraising venture for the year

and to support a fantastic cause,

🌱Building an outdoor kitchen in our school garden 🌱

Can all children participate? 

This event is the major fundraiser for our school so we encourage all children to participate in fundraising. However, even if children are unable to raise funds for the event they are still welcome to participate.

Parent / Carer Consent

Please complete and return the attached consent form and return to your class teacher to consent to your child’s participation. Printed copies will be provided to students to take home.

Further information can be accessed in the two previous posts:

To Note / Friendly Reminders


  • Student Disco – Friday 10th November – Week 4
  • Reception Transition Days for our 2024 Reception Intake will occur on Wednesdays of Weeks 5, 6 and 7, being the 15th, 22nd and 29th of November. 
  • Student Free Day – Friday 17 November – Week 5
  • Celebration Night – Monday 11th December – Term 4 Week 9
  • Year 6 Graduation – Thursday 14th December – Term 4 Week 9

Leaving Craigburn in 2024? 

Aside from Year 6 students graduating at the end of this year – if your child will not be returning to Craigburn Primary School in 2024, please inform the front office. This will help us with our forward planning for the 2024 school year. Thank you.

School opens at 8.30am

Students should not be on school grounds prior to this time unless supervised by a parent / caregiver. Similarly, after school, students should not be staying on grounds after school unless accompanied by an adult (and including sports practice)

Parent / Carer Contact Details

Please keep the school informed of any recent changes to your contact details. Thank you.

Recent Posts 

Yearly Planner / Key Dates

Current as at Sunday 29 October 2023

Term 4 

  • Monday 30/10 – Governing Council Meeting
  • Monday 30/10 to Wednesday 1/11 – Year 5 Camp
  • Friday 3/11 – School Run4Fun Colour Splatacular
  • Monday 6/11 to Wednesday 8/11 – Year 6 Camp
  • Tuesday 7/11 – Melbourne Cup
  • Friday 10/11 – Remembrance Day Assembly for Sat 11/11
  • Friday 10/11 – School Disco 
  • Wednesday 15/11 – Reception Transition 1
  • Friday 17/11 – Student Free Day
  • Wednesday 22/11 – Reception Transition 2
  • Monday 27/11 – Governing Council Meeting
  • Wednesday 29/11 – Reception Transition 3
  • Friday 1/12 – Gala Day
  • Tuesday 5/12 – Craigburn’s Got Talent
  • Monday 11/12 – Celebration Night
  • Tuesday 12/12 – Early Years Fun Day
  • Wednesday 13/12 – Class Visits new classes for 2024, End of Year Reports sent home
  • Thursday 14/12 – Year 6 Graduation
  • Friday 15/12 – Year 6 Celebration Day / Lunch, End of Term 4 – Early Dismissal