Seedlings delivered to classroom

Tomato and Strawberry plants will be available to order from the school garden via Qkr!

Please place your orders on Qkr! by 3pm Thursday for Friday delivery.

Plants available are:

Black Russian

Russian Heirloom variety. Climbing. Plants produce medium sized fruit that mature to a dark mahogany red. Fruits have a very complex and well balanced flavour. Great for salads, sandwiches and drying.

Tommy Toe

Heirloom and one of the most popular varieties available. Climbing. Produces sweet 3cm cherry tomatoes held in a truss of 7-9. Exceptional flavour; very sweet. Long cropping. Good disease resistance.

Yellow Pear

Climbing. Vigorous and heavy producing plant. Small yellow pear-shaped fruit. Excellent flavour; sweet and tangy. Acid free. Good for adding colour to salads.


Climbing (Indeterminate). A vigorous grower, this highly productive variety produces smooth, deep red fruits over a long period of time. Fruit is large, 6-9cm in size, and is sweet tasting and low in acidity. Ideal to use in salads, sandwiches and sauces.