Oodie / Hoodie – Hot Chocolate Day – Wednesday 26 June 2024

Wear an Oodie or a Hoodie (or something to stay warm) to School and Enjoy a Hot Chocolate – Wednesday 26 June 2024

As we head into the cooler months, let’s embrace the colder weather and come to school in Oodies, Hoodies, dressing gowns or simply just something to keep you extra warm (eg blanket, beanie, scarf) – to cover over their school uniform.

Children can enjoy a nice warm hot chocolate and marshmallow on the day (included in the donation).

*** $2.00 Donation. Donations can be made by cash or via QKR.

*** Please advise of any dietary requirements (eg non-dairy) by Monday 24 June 2024 via email or the front office.

We look forward to having a warm and snuggly day.

Kind Regards,

Friends of Craigburn