The Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Week 10 – 2024

As we approach the midpoint of the 2024 school year, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone in our school community for your support throughout the first half of the school year. 

I would also like to express my appreciation to all our teaching and support staff for their efforts and hard work over the past two terms. I know they are eagerly anticipating a well-deserved holiday break. 

To all Craigburn families – wishing you a safe and restful mid-year break with your children.

Regards, Paul

End of Term

Reminder – Casual Clothes Day – Friday 5 June

As voted by our student body – our traditional end of term Casual Clothes Day gold coin charity fundraiser will raise funds for the much worthy Kids Cancer Council. 


Early Dismissal 

School finishes at 2.10pm on Friday. OSHC commences at this time.

Mid-Year Student Reports

We are pleased to inform you that mid-year student reports will be sent home this Wednesday afternoon in a sealed, labelled envelope. Over the past few weeks, teachers have been preparing these reports, reflecting on assessments and evidence of your child’s learning and progress throughout the first semester.

As you read through your child’s report, please take the time to celebrate their efforts and achievements. Recognise not only their academic progress but also their development in learning dispositions and character qualities. Engaging in meaningful conversations about their report can provide valuable insights and encouragement. Here are some conversation starters you might find helpful:

  • What is something you have achieved that makes you proud?
  • In what area do you feel you have improved the most?
  • What are the three most important things you learned this semester?
  • What was challenging for you at the start of the year that has become easier now?
  • What was your best piece of work or learning? Why do you think it stands out?
  • How would you describe your school year so far in three words?

We hope these prompts help you have a thoughtful and positive discussion with your child about their learning journey.

Staffing Update 

Thank You and Best Wishes

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge two of our staff members who will be taking leave soon.

Karen Prideaux has been an invaluable member of the Craigburn community for 12 years. Throughout her time with us, Karen has primarily worked part-time, collaborating closely with teachers in Years 1 and 2. Additionally, she has significantly contributed as an EALD teacher, supporting students who need extra help with reading. Karen will begin her leave at the start of Term 3 and continue through to the end of Term 4. Following the Christmas break, Karen will be retiring from teaching.

We would also like to recognise Renee Wheatland, who will be concluding her tenure at the end of this term. Renee, who joined us at the beginning of the year, has been instrumental in supporting our early years staff and students over the last two terms, especially in preparing for our mid-year reception intake. We wish Renee all the best for the safe arrival of her baby.

Best wishes to Karen and Renee as they prepare for their next adventures.

Staff on Leave

Nicky Taylor (Deputy Principal) will be on leave this week and will return at the start of Term 3.

Reception Recyclers

Last week the Receptions had a special visitor from the Onkaparinga Council, Hannah. As part of our Inquiry unit this term, we have been learning about recycling. We have been learning about how to correctly sort items into the different bins. Hannah was impressed by what we have already learned so far. She also extended our learning by explaining more about the recycling process and what happens “beyond our bins”

  • Did you know when glass bottles are recycled, they can be crushed into a sand like consistency and then used to make roads…???
  • Did you know that when tin cans are recycled, they can be turned into parts of a scooter… ???

A big thank you to Hannah for visiting! ♻️


School Sports 

It’s been rewarding to see so many students and families involved in school sports this year. Our netball, soccer, cricket  and basketball competitions have provided great opportunities for children to learn what team sports are all about, with the emphasis on learning new skills and being part of a team. 

Special thanks to our sports coordinators who have done a fabulous job in organising their respective seasons of sport. Thank you also to the parents who have assisted with coaching and managing teams. Without our coordinators and coaches, after-hours school sports would not go ahead.  

Similarly, the Sapsasa sports competitions have provided Craigburn students with the opportunity to represent their school and compete against students from other schools. Thank you to our PE teacher, Karen Pettman, who coordinates these opportunities, with thanks also to parents who have helped with coaching and supporting the teams.

Weekend Netball Results

Craigburn Year 5/6 
Increasing polar blast conditions didn’t stop our Y5/6 netball girls going out and playing hard early on Saturday morning. Riding high off last week’s win, unfortunately it wasn’t our week; going down to Edwardstown 20 – 3. It was the first time the team played in extremely wet conditions, and despite the puddles, rain and FREEZING temperature, they played well together (netball only stops for hail/lightning or when umpires deem it unsafe!)
We look forward to playing Edwardstown again after the holiday break!
Annika & Karen – Coaches

Craigburn Blue V Black Forest  – Score – 9-6

A fantastic effort from the year 3/4 team this morning with a great show of teamwork. Their confidence on the court as a team is really growing and this showed in their passing and movements this morning. It was really great to see them smiling and having fun despite the continuous rain! A big thank you to Ms Somerset for coming to watch us, it made the girls day! 

Emma – Coach


Oodie / Hoodie Day Fun

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Oodie / Hoodie Day. It’s not often that we want the weather to be cold. A shout to parents who helped with making and delivering the hot chocolate to classes.

3-Year Old Preschool – News from the department

  • Preschool for 3-year-olds is rolling out from 2026 to 2032.
  • From 2026, the government 3-year-old preschool rollout will start in regional and remote areas.
  • Until then, all children can continue to attend preschool the year before they start school.
  • The existing 15-hour entitlement for 3-year-old Aboriginal children and children in care will also continue.
  • To find out more about 3-year-old preschool from 2026, visit

 Friendly Reminders

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

A wonderful opportunity for students in Years 2-6 to take on an academic challenge. The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an online academic competition that is designed to assess students’ higher order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling Bee and Digital Technologies.

Full entry details here – The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools – ICAS

Whole School Photos

These are scheduled for Tuesday 13th August – Week 4 of Term 3. Details here.

Gratitude Basket in the front office 

We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Gratitude basket at Craigburn PS. At any time you can make a donation to help someone less fortunate than you. The more donations we receive the more baskets we can make up and share with people in need. Thank you to everyone that has used this over the past 12 months, we really appreciate it and enjoy helping others. 

Year 6 Gratitude Leaders 


Finance Update – $200 discount on M and S Discount for 2025

As part of the 2024-25 State Budget, eligible families with school-aged children will receive a $200 discount per child on their public school’s materials and services charge for 2025. This is double the discount provided for 2022, 2023 and 2024. Please refer to the attached letter, which was also emailed to families last week.

Moving School in 2025?

To support our staff and class planning for 2025, should your child/ren be leaving Craigburn Primary School (aside from current Year 6s) to attend another school next year, please notify us via the front office. Thank you.

Reception Enrolments for 2025 

As we are nearing the midpoint of the school year, we are starting to look at our Reception Enrolments for 2025. If you are a new family to Craigburn and would like to register interest for a child starting Reception in 2025, please contact the Front Office for a Registration of Interest form.

Change of Contact Details

To help us keep up to date with family and emergency contact details please contact the front office with any change of contact details.

Lost Property 

The lost property storage area adjacent to the canteen is beginning to overflow.  When at school, please take a moment to check for any missing items.

Important Reminder: Dogs on School Grounds

We would like to remind everyone that, in accordance with the Department for Education policy, dogs are not permitted on school grounds unless specifically approved by the principal for curriculum purposes or as assistance animals. This policy is in effect at all times, including during Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and outside of regular school hours.

If you have an assistance dog or a dog in training to become an assistance animal, please contact the front office to arrange for the necessary exemption.

Student Free Days / School Closure

The following dates have been endorsed by the Governing Council:

Student Free Days

  • Friday 9th August – Term 3 Week 3 
  • Monday 25th November – Term 4 Week 7

School Closure 

  • Monday 2nd September – Term 3 Week 7 (Royal Adelaide Show)

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  • School Closure Day – Monday 2 September
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Term 4

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  • Year 7 Graduation – Wednesday 11 December
  • End of Term / School Year – Friday 13 December