An exciting change in learning for Term 2

Just a quick post to resurrect our class blog in preparation for some changes to our learning next term.

Thanks to all students and parents for their support and patience as we transition to this exciting way of learning for the unforeseeable future.  Bear with us as we navigate the changes!

Remember you can email me or send a message via our Seesaw journal if you have any questions.

Year 5 showcase

Today we shared the learning we have been doing over this term with a showcase of our literacy, maths, geography and art.  The students enjoyed talking about their achievements and receiving feedback on what they had produced.  Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and school community who came to have a look.


Year 5 Team Challenge

The year 5 classes from D20 and D18 recently got together to spend an afternoon working in teams to complete some challenges.  Each group was chosen randomly and had students from both classes, in order to foster some new friendships and develop skills in working with others. The afternoon started with the teams coming up with a name (some very interesting names were decided on!) and team chant, followed by a picnic lunch on the oval.

After lunch the challenges started and involved tower building, sponge throwing and balloon relays.  Here is what some of the students wrote about the afternoon:

Our first activity was STEM based. We had to make the biggest freestanding tower, but only using 15 popsticks and a chunk of blue tack. This was a challenge. First we stuck three popsticks into the ground about a centimetre deep. That was where our first problem occurred. While putting a stick into the ground, it snapped. Luckily we blue tacked it together and used it on the top later on. Our plan was to make our towers shape to be a triangle using the least amount of sticks. We copied our triangle formation above the first. Then with the remainder of the popsticks, Which was not enough to make another triangle section. We stuck them together in a pyramid shape. The last thing to make it taller was finally, putting the broken popstick at the top going vertical. Now it was time for measuring, we got 40 centimetres high. Unfortunately we didn’t get into the top 3, but it was still tonnes of fun. Lewis T

So this one was really fun and we had a lot of fun on it. This game was the sponge game you had to wet the sponge and there’s someone in your team in the middle. Then the middle person would throw it at someone in the circle and they had to catch it. Then they would throw it back to the middle and the next person would throw into the next person they would throw it back and you throw it to to the next person in the circle. Then the last person throws back to the middle and they wet it and do it all again and again and keep on going till every one has had a go. Josie R

The last activity involves everyone touching a balloon and taking it all the way from the shed to the start of the cricket pitch and then once everyone had made it there we would race back to the shed. Then at the end of all the activities the announced the winner and the winning group was…….. The Super Sixers! Overall the day was really good and I enjoyed working together with my group.  Emily C


We came nowhere near to winning the challenges overall but we all definitely had a great time! Mia A

The students really rose to the challenge and it was great to see them all having a great time while getting to know each other.  It was a pretty close finish with only a point or two between the top 4 teams.  ell done to the Super Sixes for winning all the challenges!

Science Week

As part of Science Week we teamed up with our buddies to create a reef animal.  This year is the Year of the Reef and we had a talk about why this might be and what we can do to help save this unique habitat and the diversity of life that relies on it for survival.

The students began by researching the animals that live there and talked with their buddies about what they could make. They used recyclables or origami to create their final masterpiece.

The students then showed their animals at a whole school assembly on Tuesday.

Teaching Homophones

Our class became teachers today and went to Mrs Hook’s and Miss Green’s class to teach the students about Homophones.

The students had been preparing their lesson all week and had made a movie or Keynote to teach their group about what Homophones are and made 2 activities for the Year Ones to have a go at.

The activities included matching games, snap, memory games and word searches.

The year 5s did an amazing job and really enjoyed spending the time teaching others about what they have learnt.

Maybe you could ask your child about Homophones and they could teach you too!! 

Seeing the Light

In Science last week we investigated the properties and nature of light.  This included light travelling in straight lines from a source and how it interacts with different materials, how light can form shadows and be reflected, refracted or absorbed and how light can manipulate what we see.

The students worked their way around 8 stations and tried different experiments to see how light can reflect, refract and absorb.  There were lots of ‘lightbulb’ moments (pun intended) as the groups read about and discovered the scientific reasons this happens.

Students were asked to investigate how light travels in a straight line by recreating a digital experiment


Use mirrors to manipulate light to appear in a different position than the line from the torch (reflection)

Make the tallest and shortest shadow  and record where the source of light is in relation to the popstick.

Use a glass of water to change the direction the arrow is facing (refraction)

Investigate how our brain can mix the signals when looking at reflections (optical illusions)

Use light to manipulate colour

Use a prism to create a rainbow

and investigate how light travelling through different translucent substances can change the way we view the object

These experiments were also a great opportunity for the students to use scientific skills in investigation, note taking, prediction and questioning, team work, clarifying ideas using experiments and use scientific vocabulary to discuss and explain phenomenon .


Today in our buddy class time it was the Year Ones’ turn to teach us a game.  They have been learning about mapping and co-ordinates and so brought along a game to play with us where a dice is rolled to give the co-ordinates which you then have to work out to find out your score.

The year 5s really enjoyed playing along and they got to practise some addition and mapping skills too! It was a great way to spend a rainy, Friday afternoon.