Welcome back!

It’s been a great start to Term 2. Students have settled in very nicely and we have begun work about persuasive writing and addition and subtraction. I have attached the final newsletter for Term 1 to this post. The next newsletter will be at the end of Week 2. I will post that to the blog too in case they go missing at home!

I hope all families had a lovely Easter break.


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The Advertiser Progressive Story

An update on The Advertiser progressive story that our class is involved in:

  • We received feedback from the editor who said it was really well written by the class.
  • It will now be published in June or July to correspond with a national campaign through The Advertiser’s affiliated newspapers throughout the country.
  • At some stage some students in our class will be photographed by The Advertiser.
  • I will let you know when the story will be published so you can all go and buy the paper that day!

Play is the Way

CLICK on the link below to see ‘Play is the Way’ in action. ‘Play is the Way’ is a social skill building program integrated into fun, fitness based games. The game in the video is a very simple game called “The Name Game”. The aim is to run around the circle and say everyone’s names as quickly as you can. This was far more challenging than it appears! It is a great game for the beginning of the year as we get to know each other and build our class team.

Play is the Way

Welcome to 2017!

Hi and thanks for logging on to our class blog page. During the year, I encourage you to come back here regularly to look at some of our learning and leave a comment. Your participation in the blog is valuable feedback to our class. If you ‘Subscribe by email’ you will be notified whenever a new post is added (about once a week/fortnight).

This year is going to be a fantastic year if we all work together. We will all make mistakes (myself included) but with the right attitude we will see some amazing learning occur. To start with I thought students could reply to this blog post by saying what they hope to learn this year and parents could reply by saying what they remember from Year 3 or 4. When students reply, please just use first names to help protect our identities.

I’ll start. I remember from Year 3 my teacher was Ms Anderson and we did ‘Investigation’ time. In Year 4 my teacher was Mr James (yes, the same Mr James from Craigburn!) and everyday we did NRG (energy) which was fitness.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!


Mrs Khalaf