Welcome to 2017!

Hi and thanks for logging on to our class blog page. During the year, I encourage you to come back here regularly to look at some of our learning and leave a comment. Your participation in the blog is valuable feedback to our class. If you ‘Subscribe by email’ you will be notified whenever a new post is added (about once a week/fortnight).

This year is going to be a fantastic year if we all work together. We will all make mistakes (myself included) but with the right attitude we will see some amazing learning occur. To start with I thought students could reply to this blog post by saying what they hope to learn this year and parents could reply by saying what they remember from Year 3 or 4. When students reply, please just use first names to help protect our identities.

I’ll start. I remember from Year 3 my teacher was Ms Anderson and we did ‘Investigation’ time. In Year 4 my teacher was Mr James (yes, the same Mr James from Craigburn!) and everyday we did NRG (energy) which was fitness.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!


Mrs Khalaf