Year 6

Year 6 students go on camp to El Shaddai camp site based at Wellington on the Murray River. This camp is is designed to provide challenging team bonding experiences that prepare the kids for year 7. They also are involved in activities that cover Geography, PE and Health curriculum. The campsite also has plenty of activities to fill in any free time. They have dorms with either 4 or 6 students that have their own bathroom. The food is always spectacularly good and food allergies are catered for.

The El Shaddai camp website information can be found here.

Year 7

Year 7 students travel to Canberra on a 4 night camp to our nation’s capital. This camp is full of experiences covering curriculum areas such as Civics and Citizenship, Geography, History, English, Science, Art, Design and Technology and Health/PE. It is a non-stop and packed five days that leave us all quite exhausted but with many meaningful learning experiences that just cannot be taught the same way in the classroom. Accommodation this year will be at the Ibis Styles apartments with rooms of four with private bathrooms. Food is provided by the accommodation and on-the-run lunches. Please always remember that payment plans are always available and instalments can be started from now.