Sideshow Stalls

For show week we made sideshows. We had some classes visit them with $20 in fake money. Here are the stalls:


This stall was called Have A Fish and was created by Jasmin and Mahek. They made a $100 profit.


This stall was called Target Mania and was created by Alex and Charlotte. They made a $520 profit.


This stall was called Twilight and was created by Grace, Tahila and Tanisha. They made a $165 profit.


This stall was called Nerf Shot and was created by Kade, George and Spencer. They made a $650 profit.


This stall was called Sir Shots-a-Lot and was created by Kelly, Amy and Azalea. They made a $540 profit.

We all had a lot of fun making these stalls!

Here is a short video of the sideshows: