Homework Matrices

The homework matrix is designed for students to work at home on engaging activities, rather than the traditional worksheets.A number of students use their ipads to record themselves cooking, dancing and displaying their talents. They then show the class what they’ve done on our tv screen.IMG_3305 Thomas showing his science experiment which was one of the homework matrix questions.

Welcome to 2016

This year promises to be an exciting year, with the introduction of students being able to bring their own devices.This has meant that students haven’t been able to access our class blog due to the ‘phasing out’ of laptops and desktops. However we have been able to acquire 4 desktops for our annex which will enable students to print their writing and access our school blog until their have their own devices. I encourage students to use this blog to show their learning to the wider school community.


Sideshow Stalls

For show week we made sideshows. We had some classes visit them with $20 in fake money. Here are the stalls:


This stall was called Have A Fish and was created by Jasmin and Mahek. They made a $100 profit.


This stall was called Target Mania and was created by Alex and Charlotte. They made a $520 profit.


This stall was called Twilight and was created by Grace, Tahila and Tanisha. They made a $165 profit.


This stall was called Nerf Shot and was created by Kade, George and Spencer. They made a $650 profit.


This stall was called Sir Shots-a-Lot and was created by Kelly, Amy and Azalea. They made a $540 profit.

We all had a lot of fun making these stalls!

Here is a short video of the sideshows: