Maker Time

In Maker Time we investigate and use technology to find new ways of using everyday items to make a creation. We start with a base object and turn it into something useful or imaginative by adding a few bit and pieces.


Items we can choose from to use on our creation

We share our ideas and explain what our creation is, how it functions, and the ways it can be used. Each time we have a new challenge such as finding different ways to attach bits without using sticky tape, or adding a moving part to our design.
Here are some of our creations:

FotoJet Collage

Made using a paper plate

FotoJet Collage Cup

Starting with a foam cup


Our paper bag creations


Jolly Phonics

In Literacy we are using Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar to help us learn to recognise letters and write words and sentences. Sometimes we follow up with a craft activity to help us develop our fine motor skills.

Here are our paper plate ‘t’ Turtles.


We made ‘d’ dinosaurs. Next we brainstormed what we think the world might have been like when dinosaurs lived on the Earth and created a habitat for our dinosaur.

IMG_3653IMG_3654  IMG_3652