Curriculum Overview – Term 2

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Growth and Development

Our Growth and Development sessions start in week 4 of this term.

Here is the weekly breakdown of topics that we will be covered:

G&D Busy Bodies Yr5 Parent info

Year 6 and 7 G & D parent info


Term 1 Curriculum Overview: 

Year 6/7 curriculum overview 2018 term 1



Performing Arts

In 2018, all classes will be involved in weekly specialist Performing Arts lessons of 50 or 70 minutes. These lessons incorporate The Arts learning areas of Music, Dance and Drama and students will be continually assessed using the Australian Curriculum standards.

More information can be found here: Performing Arts 2018


Specialist PE Lessons

In 2018 all classes will be involved in weekly specialist physical education lessons of 50 or 70 mins with Karen Pettman on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday or Geoff James on Monday or Wednesday. Reception – Year 2 classes and Year 5 – 7 students will have PE lessons with Karen, Year 3/4 and 5 classes will have PE lessons with Geoff.

More information can be found here: Acquaintance Night PEHealth 2018


Learning German at Craigburn

German at Craigburn:

In 2018, every class at Craigburn Primary will attend one German lesson 50 or 70 minutes in length. The program is delivered in an engaging manner which encourages students to develop their cultural awareness and language skills while working towards reaching their relevant Achievement Standards. Learning occurs in many different forms in the German classroom, from songs, stories and games to using a range of devices to demonstrate understandings. Above all, the program aims to immerse students in German language and culture in a safe, enjoyable and constructive environment. The German program is taught by Carly Smith on Monday – Thursday in A7.

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