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On Wednesday 25th October our class participated in a Sports Expo. A big thanks to Mrs Pettman for organising a fantastic day. Everyone had a great time and had a go at lots of different sports. Here are some recounts written by some people in our class about the day:


By Alex

On Wednesday we had Sports Expo. Our class did it because we wanted to get fit and it was on the oval.

First we went on to the oval for mini golf. My group was with Finlay and Jessica F. After mini golf we went just to the edge of the oval and there we did some soccer. We played a match. About 15 minutes later we had recess. Then we had yoga where we calmed down. Then we did wheelienet which was very hard. Then we walked down to the bottom curt where we did basketball and I scored. Then we did little athletics where we ran. After that we played rugby with the Gilbert the bag.

I felt tired because I did lots of sports. My favourite was soccer because it was very fun and tiring.


By Isabella

On Wednesday 25th of October we had Sports Expo. We used the oval, top and bottom out and hall. The whole class did it except Blake didn’t do all of them, instead he took photos. We did sports expo because it’s fun to play sport.

First we got to school. Then the first sport we did was going to be rugby but out rugby teacher got caught in traffic so we changed it to the end of the day. So the first sport we did was mini golf. Mini golf was on the oval. There were plastic golf clubs, soft balls and pencils. We had to split into 9 groups because there were 9 holes. My group was Henry and Deacon. I only got 8 holes. Next it was soccer. We played a game and practiced dribbling. It was recess after. When recess was after we did yoga. I was very good because I already do yoga. But it was still fun. After that it was wheelienet. we had to choose a partner and I chose Mia. We took turns throwing the balls and in the wheelchair. At the end we had a race. Then we played basketball we were learning to shoot hoops. After it was lunch time. After lunch we went to little athletics and did running, jumping and throwing and we did a race at the end. After we did our last sport which was rugby. In rugby we ran with balls and we had to run and tackle the big bags. It was like hugging them. At last it was over.

My favourite part was yoga because it was funny. I felt exhausted at the end.


By Deacon

On Wednesday the 25th of October it was sports expo. The first one we did was mini golf. What we had to do was count how many taps it took us to get the ball in the hole. Isabella and Henry were in my group. We did them on the oval and around the school. Why did we do sports expo to get fit.

First we did mini golf. we had to count how many times we hit the ball until it got in the hole. Then we id soccer. We had to warm up and ten we had a soccer match. I was goalie. We tied. Next we did yoga. We did the tree pose, warrior pose, dog pose and cat pose. We had to sit the wrong way. Before yoga it was recess. Then we did wheelienet. We had races. Next we did basketball, it was fun. After that we did athletics, we had races. Then we did rugby. I really loved rugby.

I felt tired because we did so much sport but it was still fun.


By Abbie M.

On Wednesday 25th October it was a Sports Expo. It was with all of our class. We did it on the oval, top court, bottom court and the hall. We did it to try new sports.

Frist we had to wait a little bit. Then we went to mini golf. We got in small groups. After that we went to soccer and we played a real game. Then it was recess. After recess we went in the hall to do yoga. We had to take our shoes and socks off. After we went to wheelienet and we did a wheel chair race. Soon we went to basketball we played titanic. Later on it was lunch we ate out lunch. Then we went to play. After lunch we went to athletes. We did running and jumping. After we went to rugby. We were tackling Mrs Gilbert and Mr Gilber. After we all went home.

I felt exhausted because it was a big day and I felt happy because it was fun. My favourite sport was yoga because we did stretching and my other one was wheelienet because we got to go as fast as we could in the wheelchairs.


Here are some photos from the day. Thanks to Blake for taking some of the photos!


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    I liked all the sports but my favourite sport was yoga!⚽️🏀


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