Information Reports on Animals

We used keynote to create some information reports on animals. Students had to use at least 5 subheadings in their report. They used books and the internet to collect the relevant facts. The images are from the pixabay website which offer free images to use. Here are links to the keynote presentations.

Koalas By Jessica.C-2g120xr

Seals By Liam and Alice-221grsg

Gorillas by Rhys and Zac-1mm0zh3

Wolves by Levi-1bglgmf

Frilled neck lizards by Henry and Alex-1qprsyb

Blue whales by Jake -1swp5tv

Sharks by Holly and Finlay-xei96i

Turtles by Nic-1nmfy1v

Sea Horses by Mia-1mln2pl

Blue tongue lizards by Deacon and Joel -rmkus9

Butterflies by Isabella-106v3az

Sea lions by Abi.D-19letnn

Turtles by Dominic -20gbf9a

Giraffes by Abbie .M and Eloise-s4ih6t

Jaguar by Madison -25gyu0r

Dolphins By Imogen-1uj0npb

Butterflies By Mackenzie-1x98oec

Hedgehogs By Jessica F.-1edrkpu

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