We are excited to introduce our new school blog, Craigburn Connections.

We are always looking to improve the way we communicate to families and friends. Through the use of social media, communication can flow both ways – giving our wider community opportunities to interact with and share in the learning that his happening at Craigburn.

IMG_0816At Craigburn Connections, you’ll hear directly from school staff, students and our parent community on topics including classroom activities, school programs and events, thought leadership in the field of education, and sharing in the wonderful learning from our students.

Craigburn Connections replaces our fortnightly newsletter where we are now able to share news in a shorter time frame and in some instances, as it happens.

Anyone can subscribe to Craigburn Connections by clicking the Follow button at the bottom of this page. A daily digest email will be sent containing the day’s posts. Similarly, you may wish to add this site to your favourite news reader such as Feedly. The site also allows you to search for older content as blog posts are conveniently tagged in categories.

We encourage all families and friends to respond and leave comments where relevant, as well as sharing our good news throughout the connected world we live in.

Are there topics you’d like us to cover in this blog moving forward? If so, leave a comment

Thank you for visiting 🙂

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