Celebration Night


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All dressed up ready for their big performance on Celebration Night. Love the BLING!img_7069 img_7067 img_7065 img_7063

Genius Hour and our Inventions


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The children have been super busy finishing off and presenting their Genius Hour and Inquiry projects. They have shown creativity and skill and have really enjoyed sharing their ideas. Here are some pics.




img_6990 img_7020 img_7022 img_7024 img_7027 img_7030 img_7032 img_7034 img_7035 img_7036 img_7040 img_7041 img_7049 img_7052 img_7055 img_7057 img_7058 img_7059 img_7061img_7070

A fun way to remember our fantastic camp to Wirraway Homestead!


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Our classes B11 and D13 had a wonderful time when we went on Camp to Wirraway Homestead. The children tried a whole range of new, adventurous activities and had the chance to bond and make new friendships. One of the absolute favourite activities was the horse riding and grooming. The children were very lucky to spend a lot of time with the horses, learning many new skills. We decided a fun way to remember our time at Wirraway would be to create a cartoon of camp highlights. Here are a few of our cartoons.


img_6876 img_6877 img_6878 img_6879 img_6880 img_6882  img_6885 img_6888 img_6889 img_6890 img_6891 img_6892 img_6893

Sport Expo


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Here are some pics of Sports Expo. It was a lot of FUN!


img_6854 img_6855img_6853 img_6858 img_6861 img_6864img_6866img_6868img_6870 img_6872 img_6873

Wirraway Homestead year 5 Camp


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We had such a great time at our Wirraway camp and the children were so impressive!  They showed a real sense of adventure and positivity to overcome any nervousness they felt to try new and challenging things. A huge thank you goes out to the dads (Andrew Farn, Dave Hodgson and Andre Rickers) for being such an enormous help!

Here are just a few pics to get started.  We will put together a slide show of our whole time at camp and if you are interested in getting a copy we will send a reminder home with the children to bring in a USB once the slide show is ready.

Well done to the students, you were all AMAZING!!


img_6465img_6466 img_6484 img_6479 img_6515 img_6546 img_6554 img_6562 img_6583 img_6605 img_6664 img_6672 img_6686 img_6691 img_6715 img_6721 img_6726 img_6730 img_6749 img_6815



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The children just finished their Footsteps lessons, they did a great job!img_0721 img_0728 img_0733 img_0750 img_0755 img_0780

Art Inquiry


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At the end of last term the students presented their research and art pieces to the other Year 4 and Year 5 classes. Mr Luke, Mr Warncken and Ms Terrell also came to see the fantastic display.


img_0872 img_0873 img_0875 img_0876 img_0882 img_0881 img_0880 img_0877 img_0883 img_0884 img_0885 img_0887 img_0903 img_0901 img_0899 img_0893 img_0891

Circle Time


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Over the year our class has been participating in regular Circle Time sessions. This is a time where the students can share their successes and can support each other to solve any social issues that might arise in a safe environment. At the end of each session we work on team-building games which the children love! Here was a good one we did recently.


In groups the children had to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible without letting go of each others hands. It was fun to watch as each group problem-solved to find better and better ways of keeping the balloon in the air.

img_0803 img_0805 img_0808 img_0811 img_0818

Welcome Back!


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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to term 4 and what a term it will be! This is always a busy time and I’m sure with our upcoming camp in Week 4 and all the exciting school events planned, it will fly past before we know it.

The children have set learning and behaviour goals in order to ensure that they have a successful term, ready to move up to Year 6 in 2017. I encourage you to communicate with your child about their goals and double check that they start the term well with homework routines and diary organisation.

Here is a list of dates for this term’s up coming events:

Saturday 29th Oct – Quiz Night

Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th Nov – School Camp

Thursday 10th Nov – Music is Fun

Friday 18th Nov – Sports Expo

Friday 18th Nov – School Disco

Thursday 24th Nov – Christmas Programme

Friday 25th Nov – Gala Day

Wednesday 7th Dec – Craigburn’s Got Talent

Monday 12th Dec – Celebration Night

Friday 16th Dec – Early Dismissal 12:30

We are still looking for parent helpers with a DCSI screening check to assist with camp supervision. Please let us know if you are able to help and please return camp notes ASAP.

Notes have gone out regarding the Music is Fun concert Thursday 10th Nov – 11:35 am to 12:45pm. Please return notes as quickly as possible. Parents are welcome to attend the concert.

I have posted our Term 4 class overview below and I will send out more information about our Camp shortly.


Kind Regards,

Tamsar Bellette


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Living Kuarna Excursion


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We had a wonderful day at the Living Kuarna Cultural Centre where the children learnt about traditional Aboriginal culture, the importance of different plants, animals and water ways.  We were also very lucky to learn about indigenous music through an amazing didgeridoo demonstration. The children conducted themselves beautifully and showed respect and courtesy. We were very lucky to have a beautiful sunny day!


IMG_5822IMG_5819 IMG_5817 IMG_5811 IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5810  IMG_5808 IMG_5805 IMG_5800 IMG_5797 IMG_5793

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