Uniform Committee Update


Craigburn Primary School, along with the Governing Council are beginning the process of reviewing our current school uniform dress code.

Our school uniform plays an important role in:

  • promoting a positive image of the school
  • creating a sense of identity among students and the community
  • supporting student safety through ease of identification
  • making sure students are dressed appropriately for all school activities.

Over the coming weeks, we will be seeking feedback from our students, staff, parents and other community members in relation to our current school uniform. The surveys will be looking for feedback regarding accessibility, material, fit, supply etc.

The Governing Council will be using this valuable feedback along with the following considerations while conducting this review:

  • the health and safety of students when engaged in a wide range of physical activities and in various weather conditions, for example safe footwear, eye protection, hats and fabric or material choice
  • the school community standards and expectations
  • Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation to make sure the code is inclusive of a diverse student body, including but not limited to, gender expression, disability, religion and cultural considerations
  • Current department policies and procedures intended to improve the learning environment and outcomes of students so that schools are supportive, positive, non-discriminatory, equitable and safe.

This consultation process will be open to our school community for at least 3 months to allow sufficient time for everyone to have their say.

We will continue to send out updates throughout this process.

Annika Reinke                       Nicky Taylor

Uniform Committee            Deputy Principal