Cross Country

Last Tuesday, 40 Craigburn students eagerly participated in the Southern Heights Sapsasa Cross Country event at Belair National Park. The Craigburn students had been training before school, twice a week since February and were very well prepared for the track at Belair. A very big thank you to Mr Fergusson for the hours of training with the students. Sapsasa days are also not possible without our parent volunteers, and on this occasion our parents were required to marshall around the track at the National Park as well  as assist with supervision of students, Thank you to Julie B, Annika R and Sara K for assisting. Once again the Craigburn students are to be congratulated for their strong cheering along the finish line and support for one another.

Congratulations to Jake W who finished 2nd in his race and will now be part of the Southern Heights district team at the Cross Country State Championships at Oakbank Racecourse in June.

Craigburn top 20 finishers in each age group:

12 year girls: Mikayla H 13th,  Lucy R 14th from 34 finishers

11 year girls: Piper S 7th, Tori N 9th , Caitlin S 11th,  Annika T 15th from 43 finishers

11 year boys: Alfie B 17th from 70 finishers

10 year girls: Shayla 11th from 53 finishers

10 year boys: Jake 2nd, Luke 10th from 85 finishers