The Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Week 7 – 2024

We hope everyone enjoyed some quality family time over the long weekend.

Thank you again for taking the time to read through the items below – and best wishes to all for the week ahead. 

Reminder – Student Free Day – Tuesday 11 June

A reminder that we have a student free day scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 11th June. On the day, staff will be undertaking professional learning focussing on the Department’s new South Australian curriculum and the ‘Friendology’ student wellbeing program. OSHC is open for bookings.

Parent/caregiver letter: $200 discount on materials and services charge for 2025

As part of the 2024-25 State Budget, eligible families with school-aged children will receive a $200 discount per child on their public school’s materials and services charge for 2025. This is double the discount provided for 2022, 2023 and 2024. Please refer to the attached letter for further details.

Life Education – Parent Information Session – Tuesday 25 June

‘Life Ed’ will be visiting Craigburn in Weeks 9 and 10, delivering the ‘Talk About It’ program for students in Years 4-6. The program focuses on healthy relationships, including information on physical growth, emotional changes during puberty, and self-concept development. It aligns with the latest Australian Health and Physical Education curriculum and addresses the need for comprehensive education in sexuality, identity, and relationships.

***A reminder that Life Education (Life Ed) are offering a parent information session on Tuesday 25 June at 6.00pm at school, providing information on the content of the ‘Talk About It’ lessons – see booking details below – as previously shared via email.

Life Ed has been delivering quality health programs for over 40 years, promoting the vision of “Healthy Australians living to their full potential.” These programs empower young people to make informed, healthy life choices.

Join Us for Morning Tea at the Library!

A reminder – Parents, carers and friends of Craigburn, you are invited to a morning tea at our library on Friday morning 14 June from 9.00am to find out how you can make a difference in our school community. Whether you love gardening, have a passion for books, or enjoy preparing snacks, we would love to see you taking up the opportunity to volunteer in our school garden, library, or canteen. We look forward to seeing you there.

More details here – Volunteer Information Session – Canteen, Library, Garden

Krysten and Emily – Library Support          Emily – Garden Educator           Sue – Canteen Manager

School Soccer – Referees Needed

As the next soccer home game is fast approaching, we are searching for someone to referee two games at 8.30am and 9.30am on the 15th of June.

The referee can be a parent, older brother/sister or senior student. If you know a high school student who is interested, we would also love to hear from them.

If you would like further information about payment or modified rules, please contact Tara –


The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) educates Australians about online safety risks and help available to remove harmful content such as cyberbullying of children and young people, adult cyber abuse, image-based abuse and illegal and restricted content. Learn more about how eSafety helps Australians be safer online at

Support for families

Parents and carers, technology can impact your child’s wellbeing and safety. eSafety is here to help your family thrive online. At eSafety you can find:

Student and Staff Illness – COVID-19 – TRTs

We are now well into winter, which has brought with it many of the typical season ailments including COVID-19. The requirements for students and staff members who test positive for COVID-19 have been updated to align with current SA Health advice. Anyone who tests positive to COVID-19 should not attend school until their acute symptoms have cleared, which is usually 5 to 7 days. Parents and carers can access COVID safe measures and requirements on the Education website.

This time of year often sees staff and their family members falling ill, necessitating sick or carer’s leave. Teachers might also be away for professional development or extracurricular activities, requiring relief teachers to cover their classes. We endeavour to employ temporary relief teachers (TRTs) who are familiar to us, however this is often challenging due to the chronic shortage of TRTs in the  Adelaide region.

Friendly Reminders 

Reporting Absences

Please inform us if your child will be absent. You can report absences via:

Did you also know that we have a dedicated mobile phone number to send a text message to when you need to report your child’s absence? Please feel free to text us on 0417 827 121 and leave the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your child’s/children’s name/s
  • Child’s/children’s class teacher
  • Reason for absence e.g Sick, Family Reasons
  • Duration of absence

If your child is absent from school with no explanation, you will receive a text message from the school on the day of absence.  Please respond promptly to this message so that we can update our student absence records for your child.

For absences that require an Exemption (Family Holiday, Ongoing Medical or other reasons that will extend beyond 3 days), please come in to the Front Office and pick up a “Principal Approved Application For Exemption From School” form.

Student Free Days / School Closure

The following dates have been endorsed by the Governing Council:

  • Student Free Days
    • Tuesday 11th June – after long weekend – Term 2 Week 7
    • Friday 9th August – Term 3 Week 3 
    • Monday 25th November – Term 4 Week 7
  • School Closure 
    • Monday 2nd September – Term 3 Week 7 (Royal Adelaide Show)

Afternoon Traffic 

Please remember to:

  • adhere to local traffic and parking regulations during afternoon pick up at the kiss and drop zone off Murrays Hill Rd and on Heath Lane.
  • refrain from stopping and waiting on Murrays Hill Rd, nor to the entrance of the zone – as this causes congestion and a bank up of traffic. 
  • continue through the zone if you are unable to manage a short term park to collect your child/ren
  • contact the front office if you are running late beyond 3.30pm when school staff finish their duty – your child/ren will be taken to the front office and will wait to be collected.

Please also note that council rangers visit schools unexpectedly.

Moving School in 2025?

To support our staff and class planning for 2025, should your child/ren be leaving Craigburn Primary School (aside from current Year 6s) to attend another school next year, please notify us via the front office. Thank you.

Change of Contact Details

To help us keep up to date with family and emergency contact details please contact the front office with any change of contact details.

Lost Property 

The lost property storage area adjacent to the canteen is beginning to build.  When at school, please take a moment to check for any missing items.

Early Arrival

School grounds open for students at 8.30am, with classes commencing at 8.50am. 

Recent Posts 

Yearly Planner 2024

Term 2

  • Student Free Day – Tuesday 11 June
  • Mid-year Reception Transition 1 – Wednesday 12 June
  • Governing Council Meeting – Monday 24 June
  • Life Education – Parent Education session – mTuesday 25 June
  • Mid-year Reception Transition 2 – Wednesday 26 June
  • Mid-year Reception Transition 3 – Wednesday 3 July 
  • End of Term – Friday 5 July – Early Dismissal

Term 3 

  • Term 3 Starts – Monday 22 July
  • Student Free Day – Friday 9 August
  • Governing Council Meeting – Monday 12 August
  • School Photo Day – Tuesday 13 August
  • National Science Week – Monday 12 August
  • Book Week Parade – Friday 23 August
  • Father’s Day Stall – Thursday 29 August
  • Father’s Day Breakfast – Friday 30 August
  • School Closure Day – Monday 2 September
  • Premier’s Challenges End – Friday 6 September
  • RUOK Day – Thursday 12 September
  • Governing Council Meeting – Monday 16 September
  • End of Term – Friday 27 September – Early Dismissal

Term 4

  • Term 4 Starts – Monday 14 October
  • World Teachers Day – Friday 25 October
  • Governing Council Meeting – Monday 28 October 
  • Year 4/5 Camp – Monday 28 – Wednesday 30 October
  • Year 6 Camp – Monday 4 – Wednesday 6 November
  • Melbourne Cup Day – Tuesday 5 November
  • Remembrance Day – School – Monday 11 November
  • Reception Transition 1 – Wednesday 13 November
  • Governing Council Meeting – Monday 18 November 
  • Reception Transition 2 – Wednesday 20 November
  • Student Free Day – Monday 25 November
  • Reception Transition 3 – Wednesday 27 November
  • Celebration Night – Monday 9 December
  • Year 7 Graduation – Wednesday 11 December
  • End of Term / School Year – Friday 13 December