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Canteen News

As we head into the end of the school year, our stock is running low but there are still some great options, such as chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, cheese toasties and moosies in plentiful supply. A big THANK YOU and goodbye to our Year 6 students who have assisted in

Class Placement and Staff List 2023

Today, students visited their new classes for 2023, meeting with their new teacher/s and classmates to make new connections and build relationships. Teachers have provided a welcome letter for students / families to take home. Supporting Your Child We ask parents and caregivers to have a positive and supportive conversation

A Message from Finance

Dear Families If your child/ren are leaving Craigburn Primary School at the end of this year and you have credit on your account, please contact the Business Manager, Clare Aikens at to arrange a refund. Please provide your child/rens full name and your bank account details in your email.

Spare Clothes Returns

Dear Families Our spare clothes cupboard has become quite depleted over the course of this term due to students needing a change of clothes. If your child has come home with a pink note to say that they have borrowed clothes from the school, could we please ask that these

Celebration Night 2023

We are very much looking forward to hosting our annual Craigburn Celebration Night, the first time since 2019, on Monday 12th December, commencing at 6.30pm. Celebration Night is about celebrating the end of the school year through song and dance performances from all classes and an opportunity for us to

Class Structure and Class Placements 2023

Our class structure for 2023 of 17 classes has now been finalised after much consideration and based on our projected enrolments and the requirements of the department’s student-centred funding model. The class structure supports our ethos of teachers working in teams and smaller class sizes in the early years of

OSHC – December and January Vacation Care Program

Dear Families,  Please find the December & January Vacation Care program attached below. The consent and booking form can be accessed via this link or the link on page 5 of the program. Vacation Care-December 2022 & January 2023 Please click the link to complete this form. Please submit your

Second Hand Uniform Shop

We will be opening up the Second Hand Uniform Shop throughout the school holidays. Please note the days and times below: School Holiday Trading Tuesday 20th December 8.30am – 9.30am and 3.00pm-4.00pm Wednesday 25th January 3.00pm – 4.00pm Friday 27th January 9.00am – 10.00am General Trading Hours Throughout the term,

Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

We hope you will be able to support Craigburn Primary School in the collection of gifts and food for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. There is a Christmas tree in the library for you to place your donations, or please drop them into the front office. We have attached the

Lost Property Collection

Items in Lost Property are currently overflowing. If your child is missing any items, particularly jumpers, please have them check the lost property area just next to the canteen.  Parents are also encouraged to come in and check the lost property. Please ensure that the pull out cubes are also