Kelly Sports Weekender Program

The Kelly Sports Weekender program allows children to experience energetic and highly active sport-specific sessions, run on Saturday and Sunday mornings across separate-aged sessions. Separate age groups allow for children to learn and enjoy sport in an age-appropriate environment. All programs are run indoors. This program will challenge and improve

Lost Property Collection

Items in Lost Property are once again starting to pile up. If your child is missing any items, particularly jumpers, please have them check the lost property area just next to the canteen.  Please ensure that the pull out cubes are also checked as they are also full of lost

End of Term Casual Day Fundraiser

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) recently met to discuss and decide on the end of term casual day fundraiser. As we approach bushfire season in the Adelaide Hills, SRC members agreed that it was important to recognise and support the wonderful volunteers of our local Country Fire Services at Cherry

Canteen News

The canteen has been testing out our new apple slinky machine and have been overwhelmed with willing students who have wanted their apples transformed. Due to the popularity, we will be selling apples for $1 – this includes a complimentary slinky. You may also choose to bring in your own

Vacation Care Program October 2022

Dear Families Please find the October Vacation Care program attached below. The consent and booking form can be accessed via this link or the link on page 3 of the program. Please submit your Consent and Booking form and then request the required days on the Xplor app. Requested sessions

Sports Day T-Shirts

We are looking forward to one of our favourite school events, Sports Day – scheduled for Friday 4th November. Sports Day T-Shirts with house team names on the back, can now be purchased. See details below.

Sports Day Captains 2022

Today we acknowledged the students who went through the process to nominate to become a Sports Day House Captain for 2022. The Year 6 students had the opportunity to nominate, discuss, plan and present a speech outlining their strengths, leadership qualities and experiences with displaying the school values. 36 students

Griffin Aikido

Griffin Aikido is a fun, challenging and inclusive self-defence program based in Blackwood – New classes have just been launched, suitable for beginners and experts alike, so get in quick! Aikido is a calm and focused form of martial art that both prepares students to defend themselves and others while