Good Fit Book I-PICK Song

We have been talking about the importance of selecting a good fit book when reading. Our class learnt this song to help us remember what makes it a good fit book. We were inspired by a clip we saw on youtube of a class in America singing the song. It is called the I-PICK song which stands for I – I pick, P – Purpose, I – Interest, C – Comprehend and K – Know. Here were are singing the song along with some special moves!

7 Responses

  1. Hendriehet at |

    So sweet. I love the moves.

  2. Cooper at |

    Good job everybody! It was great to see everyone trying their best.

  3. Biunca - Pearl's Mum at |

    Well done guys! Love the moves.

  4. Peta (Hayden's mum) at |

    Great job 🙂

  5. Nicole - Jacob's mum at |

    Well done A1, I love the dancing

  6. Emma - Ben's mum at |

    Great job class

  7. Hunter at |

    It took a lot of hard work well done 👍


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