What Does Light Travel Through?

As one part of our inquiry into shadows and light we performed an experiment using different types of materials to see if light could travel through them. First we listed a range of materials to test such as newspaper, coloured paper, plastic, wood, foil, bubble wrap, baking paper and cloth. Students had to predict what they thought would happen. We talked about the terms transparent (when light goes through), translucent (only some light passes through) and opaque (no light passes through as it is either reflected or absorbed). Once all the predictions were done students got busy testing with a torch to see if the light did travel through or not. Here are some photos of us investigating this.

IMG_8909 IMG_8906 IMG_8904 IMG_8901 IMG_8898 IMG_8896 IMG_8893 IMG_8889 IMG_8888 IMG_8887 IMG_8883

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    We all did very well.


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