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During Book Week this term we read many of the shortlisted books. We enjoyed looking at them and everyone shared their score out of 5 and gave reasons why. So then we got inspired to make our own books and have a go at being the author and illustrator. First we wrote a draft of the narrative and then got it edited. Everyone was very enthusiastic to write their story and then publish it as a mini book. Students made covers and drew illustrations to match the writing on each page. Then they wrote a blurb describing their story. We have enjoyed reading each others narratives in our reading sessions. Here are some photos of the front covers.

img_1326 img_1325 img_1324

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  1. Teagan at |

    They look great.

  2. Kiara at |

    I can ‘t wait to see them all . Kiara

  3. Louise at |

    I loved reding those books. They were fantastic.

  4. Christian at |

    Great books class!!! They all look great!

  5. Teagan at |

    I loved reading the books.


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