Gaming in the Past – Playing the Atari

In our new unit of inquiry ‘History through the Artefacts’ we have been learning about how things have changed over time. Students were asked to bring to school ‘old’ items that are no longer used today. This created a lot of discussion about how technology has changed. The class were really interested to know what games used to be played. Last week students had a go at playing an atari. Everyone had a turn at playing the space invaders game. It was great to compare the graphics and how you could only got right or left and that you had to stand directly in front of the console otherwise it didn’t work. Students really enjoyed having a go.


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  1. Paul Luke at |

    Wow – I used to love playing Space Invaders when I was a lot younger. It used to cost 20 cents to play a game at a video game arcade.
    Mr Luke.

  2. Mia at |

    I loved playing space invaders!

  3. Holly at |

    I loved playing the Atari

  4. Alex at |

    I liked playing the Atari. It was fun πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ˜€


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