Tree Day Art with Buddies

To celebrate National Tree Day we did an art activity with our buddy class. First we collected leaves walking around the school and finding them on the ground. Then we traced the leaves on to some white paper. Next we outlined the leaves and then inside them decorated them with different patterns. We tried to be creative with the lines and use a range of colours. We then cut them out and added them to a paper tree. This is on display in the front office.

4 Responses

  1. Paul Luke at |

    The tree looks great – thanks for sharing and displaying your work in the front office – everyone gets to see it.
    Regards, Mr Luke.

  2. Holly at |

    Our artwork looks great

  3. Mia at |

    We worked so hard on the art.

  4. Zac at |

    What a great idea to study leaves on National Tree Day A1 and buddies. Very artistic.


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