Genius Hour Week 8

We are loving our Genius Hour sessions on Fridays. Earlier in the week students plan for the genius hour session. They record ┬áplan in their books, draw a design or write about their plan and list any materials they will need to use. Sometimes they bring materials from home or just use what we have at school. This week was a very successful session! Everyone was well organised and used their time wisely. Students have been working on their problem solving skills, creativity, cooperation if they are working with others, resilience if it doesn’t go to plan, organisation and many other skills. Students uploaded their finished creations to Seesaw for parents to see.

Here are some photos of everyone busy during genius hour. Some students created games for people to play, so after doing some reflecting students were given the chance to play them. Here are also some photos of them playing the games.


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  1. Mia at |

    I loved making and playing the games.


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