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For our unit of inquiry on ‘Ourselves as learners’ we have been looking into the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. Students talked with a partner to find out things about each other. Then they used the Book Creator app to create slideshows about the similarities and differences. They used the website to find free images to use. Here are the links to the awesome slideshows!

By Cooper and Adam (copy) A new book-2m9rz57

By Ella and Jaida A new book 2-1xuc6di

By Tiana and Jed A new book 3-1wk4tt1

By Hudson and Charles A new book 4-1203gud

By Indi and Maddie A new book 5-uh5mcf

By Olivia and Marlie A new book 6-1cm6e64

By Jakob and Kojo A new book 7-1ijoudw

By Matthew and Jessica A new book 8-2ikd7vu

By Ava and Evie A new book-2nkmk9b

By Ethan and Lily IMG_4552-13wrms0

By Imogen and Tahnee IMG_4553-rgj2yz

By Thomas and Connor IMG_4554-24vstz7

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