Technology Challenge – Playground Equipment

In our unit of inquiry (Amazing Engineers!) we have been looking at different types of materials and joining techniques. We have some posters in the classroom with a range of cardboard attachments on display to help us remember different ways to join cardboard together. Last term in our class meeting  many of the class mentioned they would like new equipment in the Junior Primary playground. Students were given the task to design some new equipment for the Junior Primary playground. They needed to first draw a detailed design of some equipment that could be put in there and needed to clearly label the materials that would be used to create it. When creating their model students had to try to use at least 3 different cardboard attachments. Here are some photos of the creations, they look great! After the making session students took turns to reflect and share their playground equipment with the class and were able to describe the materials and joining techniques they used.

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  1. Mr Luke at |

    Excellent work Mrs Pinkster’s class – you really have created some amazing ideas to consider for our junior primary playground. Thanks for sharing.
    Mr Luke.


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