Farmer Darcy’s Farm Visit

Here are some recounts written by Marlie, Charles, Indi and Ella about our special visit from Farmer Darcy.

Written by Marlie:

On Tuesday the 24th of July Farmer Darcy came to our school. She came to our school or our inquiry topic. We were in the year 2 courtyard area. Our class were there with Farmer Darcy and her animals.

At the farm I was sacred when I saw the alpaca because they spit at people. When we first went in I was looking what to do first so I was just patting them all. Then I was with the rabbits and the white rabbits randomly jumped up on me. After that I went to hold a guinea pig and one of the guinea pigs bit me. Sophie, Jakob and Imogen got spat on by the alpaca it was very funny. A goat was eating a carrot that the guinea pig that I was holding was eating so I gave the goat the carrot. I thought the pig was very furry.

I felt nervous and excited because I had never held a rabbit and I was excited because I had never patted a cow.


Written by Charles

On Tuesday 24th July our class got see Farmer Darcy’s Travelling Farm in the school year 2 area. We had Farmer Darcy’s farm because it was part of our new inquiry topic.

First Farmer Darcy set up the animals and the gate. She told our class some facts about the animals. The first animal I tried to feed was the goat with a carrot. But it wouldn’t eat it. Then Farmer Darcy told to snap it in half for the goals to have the juicy bit. Then I looked at the alpaca and tried to feed it. The alpaca spat at me! It was really funny. Then I played fetch with the kelpie dog and watched it jump over the fence and back over the fence. Then I fed the guinea pig a snapped half carrot. After that I held the guinea pig it really loved sitting on my own lap. Then I sat in a box and held the rabbit. I also fed the rabbit a carrot and I also patted it form head to the end of the rabbits body. Then I attend the chicken they made a noise, a lot of noise. Then I patted the goose. It bit me, it really hurt. After that I fed the sheep some carrots. It was really hungry. Then I patted the baby piglet it was one a baby and also saw the older pig which was full grown. After that we went out of the gate. When I was walking out I read the sign about Shaun the sheep it only had three legs so it had a wheel chair. Then we asked Farmer Darcy some questions. When we were finished Farmer Darcy packed up and we went back inside our classroom and Farmer Darcy went home.

I felt happy, scared and excited. My favourite animals were all of them. We had fun. I felt happy because the animals were friendly. I felt scared because in the first place i thought the animals would be scary. I felt excited because I had fun with animals.


Written by Ella

On Tuesday 24th July we got to hold and pat animals at school in the year 2 courtyard area. Our class came. We did it because it is part of our new inquiry topic.

Farmer Darcy let us hold and pat the animals. Mrs Wright took some photos of us. I was having fun patting the cow and the alpaca. Me and Marlie got to see the piglet drink milk. Farmer Darcy had put carrots out for the cow, lambs, pig and alpaca. I held a rabbit and guinea pig. There were no horses. Some goats were white and some goats were black. The kelpie was called Indy. There were 3 geese. There were lots of ducks and chickens. Then we carefully walked out through the gates.

I felt happy and nervous. I had a good time with the animals on the farm. I felt happy and nervous because I had fun and enjoyed it. I felt nervous because I had never held a guinea pig or a rabbit. I felt happy because I had fun.


Written by Indi

On Tuesday 24th of July Farmer Darcy came to see the year 2 classes. She set up her farm at school in the year 2 courtyard area. She came because it is part of our new inquiry topic. Her dogs name is Indy as well but it is spelt different, mine is spelt Indi and hers is spelt Indy. It is a kelpie. She has lots of animals there are just some sheep, goose, chick, chicken, pig, piglet, alpaca, lamb, guinea pig, rabbits and ducks and a cow.

First we left the class. I was excited. Next Farmer Darcy told us the rules. They were be quiet and be gentle with them even if they are big and tough. Then we quietly, carefully and slowly went through the gate to the animals. After I played with guinea pigs. They were cute. Soon I played with the goats. cow and chickens. Last of all I played with Indy and the ball. She can jump over fences. In the end it was time to leave for the others classes to enjoy.

I felt happy, excited and scared because I loved animals, they are my passion . I felt excited because the dog’s name and scared because the alpaca was scary. My favourite animals were them all. My favourite part was seeing them. I loved it!!!


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