Urrbrae Farm Trails Excursion

Our class and the other Year 2 classes went on an excursion to Urrbrae High School to take part in the Farm trail. Here are some recounts written by Tahnee, Matthew, Tiana and Jaida about the trip.


Written by Tiana

On Wednesday 29th August our class, A4 and A3 went to Urrbrae High School. We went there because it was part of our inquiry topic. We looked at the animals.

First we went in the bus. Next we were there and we had to wash our feet and hands because we didn’t want to spend our germs to the animals. Then my group saw the sheep. After we saw the bird. After that we saw the chicken and there were 200 chickens. Then we saw the fish and yabbies. A tabby was in the catfish tank because they were friends. After that we saw the cows and then we went to the nocturnal animals. There were wombats, an owl, kangaroos, turtles and there was a cockatoo that danced and said hello. There was a type of mouse. Then we saw the pigs but they were not there. After we saw the alpacas and we got to keep some alpaca wool. Finally we saw the goats. Then we had to wash our hands and feet and then went back to school.

My favourite part was when we saw the animals. I felt excited because I have never been to a farm. My favourite animal was the cockatoo because it was funny.


Written by Tahnee

On the 29th August 2018 the whole year 2 unit went on an excursion to Urrbrae High School because Start to Finish is our new inquiry topic.

First we looked at the sheep. Next we saw the wombats and the kangaroos and we crawled through the wombat tunnel it was cool. After that we tried to look at the pigs but they had already gone to the Royal Adelaide Show so we looked at other animals like horses and birds. Before we saw the sheep we washed our hand and shoes. We found out that ducks lay eggs and that duck eggs are heavier and bigger than chicken eggs.

I felt excited before the excursion because I love animals. After the excursion I felt the same because of the same answer. The excursion was good. My favourite animals were all of them. I enjoyed it and my group did too.


Written by Jaida

On Wednesday 29th of August A1, A3 and A4 went on an excursion to Urrbrae High School. We went because our inquiry topic is from start to finish. My parent helper was Meagan. We saw a lot of animals.

First we got on the bus. I sat next to Tina on the way there. Next we had recess on the grass.Then we split into our groups. There were four groups I was in group four. After we had to wash our hands and our shoes. Then we saw the cows and horses. After that we saw the kangaroos and the cockatoo called Percy and the wombats we went in the wombat tunnel. After we saw the chickens. They had music playing so foxes don’t eat them. Then we saw the horses and more cows, these were dairy cows. Lastly we saw the alpacas.

I felt really tired because we were there for a long time. My favourite animal was the cockatoo Percy. I want to go to Urrbrae High School.


Written by Matthew

On Wednesday the 29th of August our class and A3 and A4 went to Urrbrae High School because our inquiry unit is start to finish.

First our class and A3 got on the bus. I sat next to Ethan and he sat on the window side I had an armrest. I thought the bus driver was confused because it took very long compared to going back. After a while we got to Urrbrae. First we washed our hands and walked through some water because the guides did not want us to bring any germs into the farm. First we went to the chickens and roosters. The roosters are massive. Then we when two the birds. My favourite bird was the princess parrot. My group saw kangaroos, one was called gum nut. There was a bird it said hello cocky.

I had a good time at Urrbrae High School. I think I will go to Urrbrae High School. My favourite animal was the catfish because it flicked water at us.


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  1. Christopher M at |

    Thank you for the narrative Matthew. It looked like an exciting day at Urrbrae High School.

  2. Toni B at |

    Great writing Jaida. Looks like you and your class had a great time on your excursion.


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