Healthy Body, Healthy Minds

Central Idea – Making sensible choices about how we care for our bodies and minds helps us to thrive.  

Inquiry points:

  • Eating healthily and how it affects your body.
  • Investigating the effects of exercise on body and mind.
  • Investigating the effects on self-esteem when making healthy options (food, exercise emotions) 

Key questions:

  • What foods help me be healthy and why?
  • How does exercise help me?
  • Why do we need friends and family in our lives?
  • Why do we need rest and exercise?
  • How can I become more resilient?

Workers in Our Community

                Central Idea – People have different professions through which they interact.

Inquiry points:

  • Different kinds of professions
  • People co-operate with others
  • Connections between different jobs
  • Steps of doing a specific job.
  • How to work together towards a common goal.

Key questions:

  • What is a community?
  • What are our needs vs wants?
  • What are the roles/responsibilities at home, people in the school and the greater community?
  • Describe different jobs – both paid and unpaid of workers in the community.
  • Explain how people and technologies in systems (communities) link to provide good and services to satisfy needs and wants.




                Central Idea:  Structures are built with specific materials according to a process to meet the needs of communities.

Inquiry points:

  • Different materials and their properties
  • Natural vs man made structures and their purposes
  • The design cycle – design, make and appraise. Using the DMA cycle to design and build structures
  • How people have changed the landscape and how structures have an impact upon their surrounds
  • Features that make structures unique and their purpose.

Key Questions:

  • What is a structure?
  • What is the purpose of structures in our community and communities around the world?
  • What are the essential features of different structures?
  • What do houses and other structures look like in our local areas?
  • Why are specific materials chosen when building structures?
  • How do buildings differ in climates and locations around the world?



History Through The Artefacts 

                Central Idea:  Observing changes over time help us develop a sense of history, including personal history.

Inquiry points:

  • How artefacts can reflect change
  • Evidence of how the past is the same or different
  • Investigating timelines

Key Questions:

  • What is an artefact?
  • How have different items changed over time?
  • What is a timeline?
  • Investigate a timeline of a specific object.
  • What is a personal timeline?

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