Ourselves as Learners 

Central Idea – People’s awareness of their characteristics, abilities and interests shape show they are as learners. 

Inquiry points:

  • Physical, social and emotional characteristics
  • Similarities and differences between ourselves and others
  • Personal abilities and interests, ourselves as learners  

Key questions:

  • Who am I – what are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I improve myself to be successful?
  • How can I develop a Growth Mindset?
  • What can I do to learn to the best of my ability and maximise my potential?
  • How can I show and respect the differences and similarities in others?


Amazing Engineers!

                Central Idea – Curiosity about the world can be discovered through observation, exploration and experimentation. 

Inquiry points:

  • Properties of materials suitable for a specific task.
  • Classifying, observing, reflecting and giving feedback on designs and finished models/creations.
  • Designing, planning and creating skills.
  • Joining techniques.
  • The properties of different materials.
  • How shape, space and materials can be used to design and create structures (geometry and all of shape in Maths).

Key questions:

  • What makes a stable structure?
  • What are the properties of materials and objects?
  • How materials can be used for different purposes?
  • Which joining technique is suitable for different purposes/models?
  • How do humans choose the right material for a specific job?



Amazing Engineers continued…


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    Inquiry is just fun

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