Is there a funny joke that you know and would like to share to make us all laugh? Please make a comment with a joke that you find funny. Here is one from me –

Q: Why is the maths book unhappy?

A: Because it is full of problems!

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  1. Mackenzie at |

    why was the Egyptian girl worried ?

    Because her daddy was a mummy hahaha

  2. Room 3 at |

    Dear Room 1,
    We think your blog is great. We like your Jokes page.
    Here is one from us:

    Q What music does a kitten listen to?
    A Katty Perry

    1. Room A1 at |

      Thanks for going on our blog! We thought your joke was funny.
      From Room A1

  3. Joel at |

    Q. Why did the elf go to school?
    A. To learn the elf-abet!!!!
    – Joel C.

  4. Mackenzie at |

    What time is it when a giant sits on your fence???

    Time to get a new fence.hahaha

    1. Zac at |

      Q: Why won’t the elephant use the computer?
      A: He’s afraid of the mouse!

  5. Isabella at |

    Q. What was the monkey doing when he was hanging from the tree?

    A. Hanging out. HaHaHa by Isabella

  6. Sophie at |

    Q What do you call a sleeping bull

    A a bulldozer

  7. Liam at |

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because he wanted to get too your house

    Knock knock whose there chicken chicken who?

    Chicken who crossed the road

  8. Jessica F at |

    Where does a leopard usually hide?

    In different spots

  9. Colby G at |

    Hi Mrs Pinkster my names Colby i was in your class in year two when you were at breaview but lets get into the joke

    Q. Why didn’t the two 4s feel hungry?

    A. Because they already 8

    1. anitapinkster547 at |

      Hi Colby!
      Yes I remember teaching you at Braeview. Thanks for leaving a joke on the blog. I hope you are enjoying the school holidays and good luck with year 7 this year…I think?


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