Canteen News

The canteen has now been re-stocked and all the usual products are available.

The Qkr! app has unfortunately had a few problems and hidden some products that were available, for example noodles and half hot-dogs. This issue has now been rectified and they are available. Apologies to families who went looking for their favourite products and couldn’t find them.

Sushi and cold rolls are a healthy delicious option available on Tuesdays. They are freshly made in a local sushi bar and delivered that morning. Orders can be placed any time until 3.00pm on the Monday of that week – why not put in an order now while you are thinking about it?

We are looking at introducing a picnic pack, which will have a combination of items such as dips, vegetable sticks, fresh veg from the garden, cheese, crackers, frittata, cold meat. They will be served in a re-usable container similar to a bento box. Students will be encouraged to return these to the canteen to be washed and re-used.

We are also sourcing containers that can be used to sell fresh fruit and yoghurt combinations, these should be available soon.


We need a helper in the Canteen tomorrow (Friday 9th Feb) from 9.30-11.30am – if you are free please let Sue or the front office know asap. Thanks.