Official Sports Team Photos

Sports Team Photos Information for families Each year ‘official’ after school sports team photos are taken to retain for school record keeping. It’s always nice to look back at older photos, especially if one of the students goes on to become a high level performer. These photos will be taken

The Weekend Wrap

Thanks for taking the time to read through this Weekend Wrap (apologies for missing last week) as well as other recent news posts. The 2017 school year is quickly drawing to a close, though there is still much to cover over the final four weeks. Please take note the following information

Gala Day 2017

Gala Day Information for Parents/Carers – 2017 A reminder that Gala Day is occurring on Friday 24th  November. Gala Day is an annual student-led event where students in Years 3 to 7 have the opportunity to showcase their enterprising skills by running a Food, Craft or Activity Stall. This event has been

Second Hand Uniform Information

Second Hand Uniform Update Please take note of the following information: All items currently in the shop will be subject to new pricing policy. Once the stocktake is completed, new forms will be sent home advising you of your items pricing change. When you receive these forms, please read, sign

The Weekend Wrap

Last Week Craigburn’s Got Talent – auditions were held on Friday – looking forward to a special showcase of Craigburn’s talent on Tuesday 5 December. Please check out information about our first Family Maker Evening to be held on Tuesday 21st November – details here – an opportunity to see

The Weekend Wrap

Last Week A big thank you to our PE teacher, Karen Pettman for organising the annual Sports Expo held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, promoting the importance of Health & PE in the Australian Curriculum. Great to see students and staff enjoying the wide range of activities offered. Congratulations and

Developing Minds

Developing Minds – Helping kids and teens learn life skills and manage tough times Call us (08) 8357 1711 for an appointment or information about how we work Or visit us on the web at for free articles and to sign up for our free newsletter series on helping

Calm Kid Central

Need ideas and help for children who struggle with worry, frustration, tough life situations and friendship skills? Calm Kid Central is an online program run by child psychologists – which helps kids feel calm, confident and co-operative.    It does this in three ways: Kids watch a series of 3 minute cartoons on their ipads/tablets/phones etc which help