The Weekly Wrap

Last week was a challenging time for many schools in bushfire risk areas. As a school with a R2 bushfire risk rating,  Craigburn Primary School and the OSHC Service were required to close given the CFS’s advanced declaration of a catastrophic fire danger rating for the Mt Lofty District last

Sports Team Photos 2019

Sports Team Photos Information for families Each year ‘official’ after school sports team photos are taken to retain for school record keeping. It’s always nice to look back at older photos, especially if one of the students goes on to become a high level performer. These photos will be taken

Reception Transition Program

Special welcome to all families of children (especially those new to Craigburn) who are currently attending our transition sessions on Wednesdays, in preparation for starting school in 2020. We hope that your child has enjoyed their first taste of school life. Please take time to read through the Kids Matter

Gala Day 2019

Gala Day Information for Parents/Carers – 2019 A reminder that Gala Day is occurring this Thursday 21st November. Gala Day is an annual student-led event where students in Years 3 to 7 have the opportunity to showcase their enterprising skills by running a Food, Craft or Activity Stall to which

The Weekly Wrap

Thank you for taking the time to read through this week’s Weekly Wrap as well as other recent news posts.  Last Week Students received their Premier’s Be Active Challenge (PBAC) medals on Friday, which were proudly worn my many students after school. Craigburn has been identified as one of the