Crows AFL Clinic

Today our class went to a Crows Football Club assembly and then had a footy clinic to learn and practise football skills.

The assembly taught us about the need for healthy eating and exercise.

During the footy clinic we prastise dour kicking, tackling skills and did relays to practise ball skills.

Here are some photos of today’s session.


Crows Footy Clinic on PhotoPeach

Sports Day

Today we held our annual sports day. We love to participate in all the different events during our day. We had a special guest called Kris who is a triathlete. Kris talked to us about how hard athletes need to train and practise their sports to be successful. He also mentioned that he started sport at a young age – just like us! He is also a representative for the Premier’s Be Active group.

We have four house teams named after famous Australian athletes. The teams are called Fraser (green), Riley (red), Woodforde (yellow) and Bradman (blue).

Our class did the Year 2-4 events, which were:

  • hurdles
  • sprints
  • javelin/ chicken throw
  • long jump
  • relays – tunnel ball and under and over
  • bocce
  • long kick
  • Fireman’s relay – water in the bucket
  • sack race
  • 3 legged race

Our whole class had a wonderful day participating in all of the tabloid events. We tried our hardest to perform to the best of our ability and showed fair and honest sporting behaviour for the whole day.

The winning team for 2013 was Fraser!! Congratulations to the whole Fraser team.

Here are some photos of our day.

Sports Day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Sports Day 2013 – Part 2 on PhotoPeach

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Pettman our PE teacher who organised the whole day with the Sports Day committee.

What did you think of our Sports Day? Did you have a favourite event?

Global Children’s Walking Challenge

Congratulations to everyone in our class who joined in for the Global Children’s Walking Challenge. Last Thursday we finished the Global Children’s Walking Challenge. Our class finished in Lake Sagami-ko in Japan. We didn’t quite make the official finish in Antarctica but made a huge effort to finish. Our final position on the leader board was 302 in the world – which is pretty amazing. Our class worked really hard as a team to collect as many steps as possible and we loved learning about all of the locations around the world. It was fascinating to learn about cities and countries that we’d never heard of before.


Here’s our final position on the leader board.

Global Walking Challenge

Our class has been participating in the Global Children’s Challenge. Our challenge is to “walk our way around the world.” Each student wears a pedometer everyday and records their daily steps in their log book. Each morning our class tally’s the total amount of steps that we’ve taken together. We enter our steps and they are divided by the number of children who gave their step tally’s to give us an average step count. This is entered and we start to “walk our way around the world.”

We started the challenge at Niagara Falls and have moved around North America, South America, including the Amazon Rainforest, over to Africa, over to Madagascar, back to Africa and we are currently in Kampala, Uganda.

This is challenge provides us with so much information about the world we live in – we love reading about our destinations, what money they use, the capital cities and states and names of countries and where they are in the world. We’ve learned a lot about countries around the world and their cultures.

This is also a great way to recognise the amount of exercise we already do, plus it challenges us to keep moving. We aim to walk 10,000 steps each per day- this keeps us fit and active. We need to work as a team and encourage and support each other. It also improves our number skills in Maths – we need to read higher numbers, add them and work out who is our highest stepper for each day.

Here is a link to the challenge if you are interested in signing up for 2013.

Last Friday our class was 139th in the world – we thought it was so impressive we took at screenshot of the leader board with our position.


What do you think about our progress? Are you enjoying the Challenge?