A New Inquiry – We are not alone!

Our latest Inquiry topic is focussed on inquiring about our world – it’s geographical features and how our natural world is changing and areas are developed.

We’re investigating where we live, what it looks like – land formations, rivers, what is in Adelaide, South Australia and Australia – then what’s in the rest of the world,  how is our part of the world similar or different to other parts of the world and how the local landscape is changing and why – what patterns are we noticing around the world?

One of our first challenges was to draw where we live – what does Australia look like and what’s in our country? We had lots of variety in our drawings and the labels we added helped show what we know. It has also led to LOTS of questions we’d like to investigate further – stay tuned for our inquiry questions?

Cardboard Maze Challenge with Big Buddies

We had a fantastic Big Buddy session last Friday. We worked really well with our partners to design, create and make a cardboard maze.

This challenge followed our preparation for future our Genius Hour sessions. We’d also watched Caine’s Arcade to give us inspiration and ideas that we could use in our creations.

Caine’s Arcade YouTube clip

Our challenge required us to work quickly, plan our maze – double check that it worked, glue or stick materials to the board to make the actual maze and then test our models. The making part of this challenge used lots of joining techniques that we’d learnt in our most recent Inquiry topic.

We were really pleased with the results of our hard work – we’ve all used each other’s mazes and have enjoyed the challenge!

Here are some photos of our busy creating session and the finished items.

What did you think of your maze? What was your favourite part of our session?