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I recently read Brian Aspinall‘s blog about coding and thought his top 10 list of reasons to code was great – highly inspiring for future coders!

  1. Coding allows students to create content, not just consume it.
  2. Coding empowers students and give them tools to express themselves in really cool ways.
  3. Coding teaches storytelling with games and animations.
  4. Coding is a place for students to take risks and fail safely.
  5. Coding is inclusive and builds self-confidence
  6. Coding supports many principles of mathematics
  7. Coding teaches problem solving and critical/analytical thinking skills
  8. Coding is a new type of literacy and will be a large part of future jobs.
  9. Coding develops teamwork and collaborative skills
  10. Coding can help humanity

Bonus: Coding gives you superpowers!

10 Reasons to Teach Coding


We’ve continued our learning journey with the R-7 Coding Club. It’s fantastic to see everyone eagerly arriving every Thursday for our lunchtime session. The group has continued to develop their skills and understandings of how to code using Scratch. We have students discovering all of the options when using Scratch like moving sprites in many different ways, creating and recording sound, creating short stories and creating games online too.



A big thank you to Miss Grant, Mrs Langham and our student leaders Paul, Tom and Matt – it’s great to have your leadership in our group.


We are beginning to use Scratch to learn how to code – it’s a really exciting chance for Reception – Year 7 students to learn how to code.

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Or you could try Studio Code

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You could try different apps like:

Move the Turtle

Daisy the Dinosaur



One thought on “Coding Club

  1. Dear Miss Sporn we really like using the Bee Bots and making movies on scratch. We like how you can discovers things on games that you have not discovered before. Thank you so much for letting us use them and try things at lunch time today. We really like the stick bots. They are epic!

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