Weekly Cooking Activity

Each week we have had groups doing cooking activities with Aimee’s mum and Jackson’s mum. Our class is divided into 6 small groups and we take turns at cooking something different. For our first lot of cooking we made pizzas. We used a muffin base, tomato paste, pineapple, ham and cheese for our toppings. Everyone got to choose their own toppings and added what they like to eat. We’ve finished our first round of cooking and this week we are starting a new recipe. Can anyone guess what we might be making – a couple of the ingredients are flour, sugar and oats (but there’s more)  – what do you think we are making?

Here’s our pizza photos.

Pizza Cooking on PhotoPeach

Did you enjoy our pizza cooking activities? Can you make any suggestions for our future cooking activities?

Buddy Class Visit

Last Friday we had our first Buddy Class visit for the year. Mrs Robertson’s year 6/7 class are our buddies – we’ve even got some of the same people in her class from last year. We had a quick get-to-know you activity and played buddy bingo! We found a buddy and then had a quick chat to find out information about each other. Then we interviewed others in the classes to find out more information about everyone.

Here’s  a few photos of our session.

Tell us about your buddy and maybe suggest some activities to do together.

Exciting news everyone!

Hi Classmates – I’ve just received a letter to say that we’re going on camp to Arbury Park Outdoor School from the 6th-8th of November. Isn’t that exciting news. I know it’s a long way off but I’m sure it’ll be so much fun.

Here’s a link to the school’s website so you can see what we might be doing when we go on camp.

Have you looked at the website – what activities are you looking forward to ?


Don’t Be YAPPY

This week our class watched a series of movies from the Infinte Learning Lab website. It taught us how to use computers and devices online in a safe way. These movies relate to our current unit of inquiry and also taught us really important lessons about being using the Internet safely. We’ve made posters that teach others not to be YAPPY online.

Always remember don’t give out:

Your name



Personal information

Your plans

It’s really important to be safe when you are using computers and you should never talk to strangers.

We also learned about Cyberbullying. It’s when people use the Internet to embarrass others, make fun of them, threaten them, are mean to them  or tease them. It’s not a smart way to use the Internet and you should never behave like that online (or in real life).

We learned ways to deal with online bullies – ignore them, report them, block them on programs you use too and talk to someone who can help you, like your parents or your teacher.

Here’s a great poster to remind you of ways to use the Internet safely.

Happy Surfing!

What messages did you learn from our movies? Can you tell us a handy hint on how to use the Internet safely?


SRC Elections

Congratulations to Ben and Holly W our SRC Reps for 2013!

Last Friday our class held the SRC Elections for 2013. We had lots of students present a speech to the class. The children included lots of important points about what makes a ‘good’ SRC Rep.

Some of their points were:

  • being responsible
  • being organised for class meetings and reporting our information to SLEG
  • listening to others
  • helping students in the  class and yard
  • being a positive role model for others
  • and lots of other different points.

Congratulations to Ben and Holly W who were elected by our class. They will be the representatives for the year.

Our ‘back ups’ are Spencer and Aimee.

Here’s photos of our speeches and the reps for our class.



Book Tastings

Today during our Library lesson we worked with Mrs Langham. Today we did some book tastings – we’ve never tried that before! It was a way for us to try new books, experiment with books we normally wouldn’t choose and see if there’s a new book we’d like to try. There were lots of different types of books in our circle – we looked at titles of books, the pictures on the front cover, asked ourselves – does that look like an interesting book, read the blurb and then started reading the book. Then we tried the same process with a different book and then another.

It was a really interesting activity and lots of us chose books we’d never noticed before. Then we browsed and borrowed for the week, setting up our book boxes for the next week. Some of us borrowed the new books from our ‘tastings’ session.

Thanks Mrs Langham for a great Library session. We had lots of fun and were really interested in the different books you showed us.
Book Tastings on PhotoPeach

What books did you try at our book tastings session?

Whole Group Reading

Today we continued our daily reading activities. We always start with our reading sessions by reading a Big Book together and then move onto our own reading tasks. This week we are reading The Fun Bus by Jill Eggleton. We have a set of sight words that we need to focus on during our reading time. We had a bit of fun with it today – we wore huge glasses to LOOK for the sight words and we worn bunny ears to LISTEN for the sight words. When we read or heard them we needed to click our hand clickers to show we’d found them! It was a great effort by everyone and lots of fun!! Now we’re all looking forward to having another turn at wearing glasses or bunny ears.

Here’s some photos of our session.

What did you think of our reading session today?

Special Visit

Today Liam Sm organised for his Dad’s dog to visit our class. His Dad, Dan, brought in their dog, called Arabelle. She is a brown labrador. We all loved meeting Arabelle – she was very cute, did lots of licking and loved all of the pats she got from the whole class.

Thanks Liam for organising Arabelle’s visit.

What did you think about meeting Arabelle? Tell us your thoughts about meeting her.

Daily 5 – Read with Someone

Here’s a great little video of Jackson and Liam reading with each other. They both had the same Zac Powers book and took turns reading it. They showed how to share the reading, how to sound out words, tried to use expression when they read and read at a steady pace.
They were also very brave to do Read to Someone in front of the whole class! Congratulations Jackson and Liam!

Bushfire Drill

Yesterday we practised what we need to do if a bush fires comes near our school. We went through the three different stages of our bushfire drill. A drill means we practise what we need to do if a fire comes near the school. At the end of the bushfire drill we left our building and went to the safety of the gym with our water bottles, towels and school bags. Then Mr Luke talked to us about why we need to practise in case a fire comes near our school and what to do in an emergency.

How do you think the bushfire drill went? What lessons did you learn from our practise?

Did the bushfire drill help us with our inquiry unit learning?