Using iPads to Help our Learning

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.00.04 pm

Our current unit of Inquiry is investigating how items are changed from raw/ unprocessed items to processed items, for example grapes can be changed to sultanas.

We challenged students in our class to try and create a presentation at home using the camera/photo app and Pic Collage to show the difference between raw/ unprocessed items and processed items.

Evie, Heidi and Charlotte loved sharing their presentations from their iPads onto the IWB via Airplay. They received lots of positive and constructive feedback from their classmates and did a great job presenting their understandings so confidently.

Evie sharing her presentation – this also showed her understanding of natural vs man made items.

IMG_6525     IMG_0256

Heidi showing her Pic Collage presentation.


Charlotte’s Pic collage presentation.

IMG_6527    IMG_1470  IMG_1471

Isaac’s Sharing

This week we’ve had ‘free choice’ as our Sharing Time topic. We had a very special performance of TNT by ACDC from Isaac on his acoustic guitar.

Here’s a short clip of his performance this week – we ALL LOVED it!

What do you think of Isaac’s guitar skills?