Week 4 Sharing Time Topic

Art Response

In week 4 we would like you to look at the following art works. Please look at all of the items listed below – some are artist’s pictures, music soundscapes and a YouTuber.

You need to reflect upon each art work and describe which one appeals to you the most and explain why. We are expecting a detailed response. Think about how it makes you feel, what is the highlight in the work for you, what can you see/hear when you look or hear the art work and anything else that comes to mind.

You can present your Art Response in any format that you like – a list, a short report, a digital presentation.

Wooden Carving


Aboriginal Art


A YouTuber (think about the art work and presenter’s style not that it’s Minecraft)

Wire Sculpture


Mona Lisa

William Tell Overture

Urrbrae Agriculture High School Excursion


Last Wednesday the Year 2 classes from Craigburn Primary visited Urrbrae Agricultural High School. This excursion relates to our Inquiry into raw and processed items. We visited lots of different animals to see the products they produce and when we returned to school created mind maps showing the items that come from each animal, for example: cattle can produce meat to eat and leather for clothing or furniture.

It was a wonderful day. We loved having the Year 10 students as our tour guides and we think they did an excellent job – they knew lots of details about every farm animal that we visited. We asked LOTS of questions during our visit and have more questions  we want to investigate now that we’re back at school.

What was your favourite part of our excursion and tell us why?

Genius Hour

Last Friday we had a fantastic Genius Hour session. We had quite a bit of variety in the creations that were made and everyone was highly organised, which helped our session be really successful.

Some of the activities that the students did were:

  • baking different goodies
  • book making
  • 3D Model designs using Maker’s Empire
  • cardboard model making
  • cardboard arcade games
  • teddy bear sewing
  • and Super Pad song making.

Everyone had a great session because they were organised, knew the order of the steps to complete their projects, had all of the materials they needed and worked well with a partner.

What was your favourite part of Genius Hour last week?

Farmer Darcy’s Visiting Farm

Today the Year 2 classes had a very special visit from Farmer Darcy’s Visiting Farm. This visit relates to our Inquiry unit called From Start to Finish. We’re investigating how raw unprocessed items are changed into processed products, with a special focus on how these items can be changed.

Before we visited with Farmer Darcy we predicted the animals we might see and then discussed what raw materials these animals can provide, e.g. cows make milk, sheep give us wool, chickens give us eggs.

We loved meeting all of the different animals that Farmer Darcy brought along – here’s some pictures of our day together.

The Learning Pit

Our class has been discussing ways we cope when we learn new information and try new activities. We looked at ‘the Learning Pit‘ and discussed how this relates learning in our class everyday.

We watched a 3 part series of YouTube clips that explained how we need to focus on having a Growth Mindset and be open to trying new ideas, use old and new strategies, ask for help/ offer help to others, how we feel frustrated or confused by new ideas, making connections to past information to use in new learning, persist and not quit and celebrate the successes we feel when we learn and understand a new idea/ concept.

As we viewed each clip we discussed how it related to our experiences when learning new information and trying new activities. Then we created our own posters to explain how each of us connected our learning to the Learning Pit.

Our posters are outside our classroom – please pop in for a visit and discuss them with our class. We’d love to explain our posters and how we have connected to the Learning Pit.


A New Inquiry – We are not alone!

Our latest Inquiry topic is focussed on inquiring about our world – it’s geographical features and how our natural world is changing and areas are developed.

We’re investigating where we live, what it looks like – land formations, rivers, what is in Adelaide, South Australia and Australia – then what’s in the rest of the world,  how is our part of the world similar or different to other parts of the world and how the local landscape is changing and why – what patterns are we noticing around the world?

One of our first challenges was to draw where we live – what does Australia look like and what’s in our country? We had lots of variety in our drawings and the labels we added helped show what we know. It has also led to LOTS of questions we’d like to investigate further – stay tuned for our inquiry questions?

Cardboard Maze Challenge with Big Buddies

We had a fantastic Big Buddy session last Friday. We worked really well with our partners to design, create and make a cardboard maze.

This challenge followed our preparation for future our Genius Hour sessions. We’d also watched Caine’s Arcade to give us inspiration and ideas that we could use in our creations.

Caine’s Arcade YouTube clip

Our challenge required us to work quickly, plan our maze – double check that it worked, glue or stick materials to the board to make the actual maze and then test our models. The making part of this challenge used lots of joining techniques that we’d learnt in our most recent Inquiry topic.

We were really pleased with the results of our hard work – we’ve all used each other’s mazes and have enjoyed the challenge!

Here are some photos of our busy creating session and the finished items.

What did you think of your maze? What was your favourite part of our session?