New Mini Buddies

Our Reception class has had another intake of new Reception students. They now have a class of 25 children. We met with them last week to reorganise our groups and do some reading together.

Here are some photos of our new mini buddy partners from our reading session.

IMG_9795 IMG_9811 IMG_9810 IMG_9809 IMG_9808 IMG_9807 IMG_9806 IMG_9805 IMG_9804 IMG_9803 IMG_9802 IMG_9801 IMG_9799 IMG_9798 IMG_9797 IMG_9796


We have a new student in our class. We’d like to introduce Jasmine – she’s a Year 2 in our class and has really settled well into our class and has made great friends already.  The children in our class have been wonderful helping Jasmine settle into our class and Craigburn Primary.


Goals for Term 4

We’ve had a busy and wonderful first week back at school. We’ve love catching up with our friends and classmates and listening to lots of great holiday stories.

Each student has set a new learning goal for our last term of the year.

Here’s our list of goals – we think if we work really hard we can achieve our goals. Check in at the end of term to see how we went.

James: I would like to get better at reading. I want to get better at Maths and working with numbers.

Ethan: I would like to improve my work! I would to like to work and not disturb others and finish all of my work.

Holly B: I would like to improve my work by making sure I finish it on time.

Liam Sm: I would like to improve my drawing and art work.

Aimee: I would like to  improve my handwriting because I don’t think my writing is really that neat.

Jackson: I would like people to stop interrupting me so I can get my work done.

Jack: I would like to my Maths and try my best to follow directions and be good in challenging tasks.

Tara: The thing that I might like to improve is writing a detailed story.

Jasmine: My goal is to get better at cursive because I barely know how to do it.

Riley: I wish that we could write more story maps because they really fun.

Soomin: My goal is to get better at times tables because it helps me for learning time. My second goal is to be more organised because my table is always messy!

Kai: I would like to not get distracted by others, improve my maths and read more challenging books.

Ava K: I would like to improve my maths and reading to someone for longer.

Tyla: I would like to my times tables. I would like to challenge myself by reading thicker novels.

Aiden: I want to improve Maths because we could do more fractions.

Ava M: I think I need to improve the amount of work I finish and how neatly I do it.

Jaime: The thing I have trouble with is times tables because it is hard and I have trouble with it. I’d like to learn some of my times tables.

Frank: I want to read more books and not get distracted.

Liam Sp: I would like to improve my spelling.

Julian: I want to make my writing neater because it isn’t that neat.

George: I would like to get better at reading and spelling.

Jessie: I would need to challenge myself more and work well with others. I need to get better at Maths.

Ben: I would like to get better at writing longer narrative stories.

Holly W: I would like to improve my storywriting skills – to write longer stories.

Arman: I want to improve my spelling and inquiry skills.

Spencer: I would like to get better at times tables because I only know some of them.

Good luck everyone with you goals – work hard and I’m sure you’ll improve in every area you’ve chosen.