Our end of term reflections

We’ve had a busy and exciting term of learning. Today we brainstorm all of the things we’ve learnt or done this term. We used key words to describe our term.We used Answer Garden to record our thoughts and ideas.


How did your term go – what were some of the highlights for you?


Footsteps Dance – Week 9

Last week we leant how to Rock n Roll. This was a partner dance and was lots of fun! There were some tricky steps to learn but we got there eventually!

Rock n Roll on PhotoPeach



What types of dance do you like?

Do you learn dance at school?


Little Heroes Foundation Marathon Run

Today our whole school participated in a marathon run to raise funds for the Little Heroes Foundation.

Our SLEG group organised the fundraising event with Mrs Gillespie. Each student was given a sponsor sheet and asked to collect donations and sponsors for the laps they completed during our marathon run.

Today our class went our with their Buddy Class and completed as many laps as we could. We ran at 12.20pm and it was a very warm day for running laps in a marathon. Some of our class and our buddies chose to dress up as heroes or community heroes, for example – nurses, doctors, lots of runner wore capes. We ran laps of the oval and netball court for about half an hour, collecting pop sticks for each lap we finished. We had a sausage sizzle barbecue for lunch as the whole school sat together on the oval. Two people Tim and Amelia, talked to us about the Little Heroes Foundation and why they raise money and what they do with that money.

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From the Little Heroes Foundation website:

Children are the inspiration behind Little Heroes Foundation  and as a result we are constantly considering projects towards which we are able to direct our funding. Sporting champions are the driving force behind our fundraising activities; working tirelessly to provide time, signature memorabilia and personal appearances for each and every fundraising event on our calendar.

Our funding programs are directed primarily to urgently needed medical facilities and treatment equipment, and ‘Life After Diagnosis’ child and family support programs relative to childhood cancer and serious illness.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to the SLEG group and Mrs Gillespie for organising today.

What types of fundraising activities do you do in your school?

Super Tennis Clinic

On Wednesday we had a Super Tennis clinic with our tennis coach Shane. We were split into 2 groups and did 2 different activities. One group started with tennis skills like hitting on the wall and ball and racquet skills. The other group started using the rebound nets with ball and catching racquets.

We had lots of fun and learnt some new skills.

Here are some of our pictures.


Water and Ice

At the end of each day our class plays a game as a way to finish our day on a really positive note. One of our favourite games is ‘Water and Ice’. It is a dancing game. When the music is playing it can be stopped at anytime and an instruction is called out, for example – stork ( you have to stand on one leg and balance), water ( drop to the ground like a water puddle), rocket ( lift your arm above your head and point them skywards -like a rocket), turtle (lay on your back and wriggle your arms and legs in the air),  snail ( squat down like a snail) and ice ( freeze on the spot).

The last person/ people to follow the instruction is out of the game and becomes a part of the audience. We dance until there is only one person left.

Check out our Tumblr videos to see us grooving along.

Here are some photos of us dancing.

















What are some games that you play in your classroom that we might like to try?

Daily Physical Exercise

Everyday the Year 2 classes go out for daily exercise – Fitness!  We do lots of different activities with each teacher- ball games, running games, obstacle courses, ball skills, dance, running – just to name a few. Each class goes with a different teacher each day. To start our week we go on a huge walk around the school. The teachers take turns in leading our walks and every week we go on a different route.
It’s also a great way to add to our step count for the Global Children Walking Challenge.
Here’s some photos of today’s walk.
What fitness activities do you like to do?

Polyphonics Kids in the Classroom

We were looking at the blogs of our Quadblogging team and noticed that the Year 6 class from Hampshire uses a website called Polyphonickids. So we checked it out and found out what the site has to offer.

Polyphonickids is a site that lists 3 different songs each week. You listen to each song and watch the video clip that goes with it. Then you can  vote on your favourite.

This site is a way to show us different styles of music and different artists – we think  we’ll hear songs we’ve never even heard of!!

If you look at our Tumblr videos you’ll see us grooving along to our favourite song of the week – The Bellamy Brothers song called Let Your Love Flow.